Pray for Texas…

“I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could!”

This is the motto of many Texans like myself.  We aren’t originally from here, but we consider ourselves to be legitimate Texans nonetheless. 🙂  This week has been a scene of continued devastation for our state.  First, we have the most severe drought on record to contend with, and then that topped off by wildfires fueled by acres and acres of dried land, whipped into a frenzy by adverse winds.

Even where I live (a more citified area) we have had small fires break out and threaten homes & lives.

It’s scary.

Like other devastating events, our wildfires and droughts have brought out the best, and the worst of people.

Best:  People joining together to help those who have had their homes destroyed by the fires.

Worst:  Less than intelligent folks posting comments such as, “God is punishing Texas for electing Rick Perry” on the

Regardless of your personal feelings about the states, who lives here, or who is Governor, I beg you… please pray for our state.

We NEED rain.



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