a big step (for the last time) for this mama…

I did it.  After almost 19 months, I finally conceded and got Brady’s wild random curls cut.

There’s not much to write about it.  I do think he is still superbly cute… but it did hurt to see bits and pieces of his baby hair fall to the ground…

the "before" picture


cutting the first curl!


almost finished!


in the carseat, about to go home. He still has some curl!!!

2 Comments on “a big step (for the last time) for this mama…”

  1. I’m going to need to know where to take them… I think I’m going to give Elliot a little trim to hold him off for a full-on haircut but his little hairs are getting a bit long for me.

  2. I take the kids to Cool Cuts. It’s more expensive than like say Great Clips, but it is geared toward kids. Also, I’ve never had them get a bad cut there. There have been multiple times at Great Clips (or places like them) that Rachel’s hair has been uneven, or Eli’s hair has had obvious lines in it.
    I think Elliot’s hair short enough overall to trim yourself, if you just want to trim the long pieces. Brady’s hair was too long (& wavy) for me to do on my own.
    Good luck!!!

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