The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Super fast post since I am limited by time…

 “The Good”

1.  Eli’s Birthday

It was a week ago today.  I didn’t even have time to do a birthday post.  I cannot believe that my middle child is four.  Four is the age that I get surprised by.  I mean, I know that they are turning four, but four just seems so… big…  They’re not babies, and their not toddlers anymore.  He is a pre-K kid, and soaking in so much every day.  I love my little snuggle bug. 🙂

2.  Women’s Retreat

Went on our church’s women’s retreat this past weekend.  It was AH- MAZING!  Saw a dear friends get baptized, and another girl our Life Group had been praying for (for over a year) accept the Lord and get baptized.  Not to mention the ability to hang out with friends and eat a meal all the way through without having to get up. 🙂

3.  Started Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace a few weeks ago. So far, I’m loving it.  My free-spirited spending husband is going to have more of a challenge with a “zero budget”, I think. 🙂  But, it’s good.

“The Bad”

1.  Can’t really say there’s much bad going on.

“The Ugly”

1.  My bathroom.  YES.  It is STILL a mess.  “They say” that it should be finished by Wednesday (that’s 2 days, folks).  We shall see.  Discovered this morning that the tile we need is discontinued, so that might be a super long process.  Fortunately, they can put everything else in without the tile.  *whew*

So, that’s it.  My super duper quick update.  One day, when life is not so insanely crazy (hahaha), I will attempt a more thought-provoking, intelligent post.  Until then, this is whatcha gottta deal with. 🙂

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