“climbing out of the crib” OR… “a one-way trip to Crazy-town”

Toot toot!!!  Allllll aboard!

I have known for a while that my life is a bit of a crazy train.  We go here, we go there, and we always go crazy.  Life with three kids has been one of the most unexpectedly wild rides in my life.

We added another stop on our way to Crazy-Town this past weekend.  Baby jail The crib ceased doing what it does best… containing my 3rd, and wildest  most energetic child.

Now, when we have nap time or night time, someone has to lay on the floor in the boys room until Brady falls asleep.  If we do not, he continues to climb out over and over, and once out, throw things (his current favorite is Legos).

Ahhhh… gone are the days when nap time meant a nice, quiet hour-and-a-half relaxation session (or work session, depending on the day) for Mama.

Our crazy-train is speeding up; just gotta find a way to not fall off. 🙂

On a different note, the Hurricane sweet Brady did do something super cute today.

You see, I’m trying to work on getting him to pronounce different sounds.  He is a little behind with his speech (I wonder why… it’s not like he expends his energy & thoughts doing other things… like climbing out of cribs… nope… not Brady…).  This week, we’re working on “buh, buh” for the letter B.


Me:  “Say, ‘buh, buh”

Brady:  (smiling in a super cute way)  “buh”

Me:  “Good!,  say “buh, buh, Brady”

Brady:  “Buh, buh, Mama!”

*sigh*  He really is a cute little thing. 🙂

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