Of Ear Infections & Immunizations

Finally got around to taking Eli in for his 4 year check up today.  Yes, it’s a month late, but whose counting.  I would say that I just “forgot”, but that would be a lie.  In reality, I was hoping that the extra month would let him add a little more weight to his skin-and-bones frame… didn’t want him to fall off the weight chart!

Turns out, I needn’t have worried.  He is in the 30th percentile for weight, which, while below average, is still respectable.  According to Dr. Pediatrician, the only reason we think he looks so skinny is because too many kids today are too fat. 🙂

After a stellar check-up came the shots.  Oh, yes.  He was such a brave little fella.  I could tell he wanted to start crying before the needle stick, but he didn’t.  The crying came afterward, and for the next 30 minutes. 🙂

Yay for a good check-up!

On another note, my EarCheck monitor has been getting quite the workout lately.  Whenever Brady gets a cold/runny nose/ allergies, I always check his ears periodically since he seems prone to ear infections.  On Saturday, the EarCheck popped up to “consult a doctor” red.   So, I took him to the pediatric urgi-care where they confirmed what I suspected, he has an ear infection.  Fortunately, the EarCheck caught it earlier than most, and and Dr. Urgi-Care seemed to think it might actually be able to resolve on its own.  Hmmm, okay.

I went ahead and made an appointment for him to go to an ENT regardless.  Tired of ear infections… his last one was 7 weeks ago!  As much as we love Dr. Pediatrician, it will be good to hear from Dr. ENT if this is something he is/can grow out of quickly, or if tubes would be a good idea for him.

And, that’s it for today.  🙂  Gotta get the boys up now so we can pick Rachel up from school!

2 Comments on “Of Ear Infections & Immunizations”

  1. Wait a minute… what did he mean it could resolve on it’s own? I mean, if you “leave it alone,” then you’re doing just what you would have done (nothing) had you not known he had it and caught it early. Therefore, one would think it would progress as other ear infections do- getting way worse before they get better. But maybe I missed something???? Just curious…

  2. Yeah, I think since it wasn’t as bad as his others have been (b/c I was able to catch it earlier), the hope was that it may not turn bad… and his body might fight off the more mild infection on its own.
    Normally, since B acts completely normal until his eardrums are about to rupture, I never know what’s going on. Turns out, he gets these mild infections pretty frequently, and often has fluid in his ears. Hence, the ENT visit. 🙂

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