Nov. 5- Thankful for Prayer

No picture today… just a story.

Today was a typical soccer Saturday in our house.  Eli had his game at 9:30 this morning, Rachel’s game was at 3:30 this afternoon.  Matt took Eli to his game, I took Rachel to her game.

Rachel sat out the first quarter, and then was called in during the 2nd quarter.  About a minute in, she and another girl on her team went to kick the ball at the same time, and they tangled legs and both fell.  When Rachel fell, she landed at an angle that made the points of her cleat hit her tailbone.  She started to cry, and I got up to walk out there.  By the time I took the 15 steps to her, she wasn’t crying anymore, but was starting to look a little off-color.  By the time I picked her up and started walking back to the chair, she was purple & limp.  I sat down, she was completely limp & then she had a brief seizure.  At that point, I know I was there, I know I was holding her, but I don’t remember anything I was saying.  Someone called 911, there was a crowd of people around us.  I know I was praying, and I’m pretty sure it was out loud, but I don’t know what I was saying, or if it was even understandable.

After the seizure, her color started to come back, and she started crying.  From that point on, she was okay, and even finished the game playing on the field.  No need for EMS to come at all.  One of the dads of another player talked to me afterwards; he is a doctor, and just wanted to re-assure me.  Here is what I looked up about what happened to Rachel on the field:

The pallid form (of breath-holding spells) typically follows a painful experience, such as falling and banging the head or being suddenly startled. The brain sends out a signal (via the vagus nerve) that severely slows the heart rate, causing loss of consciousness. Thus, in this form, the loss of consciousness and stoppage of breathing (which are both temporary) result from a nerve response to being startled that leads to slowing of the heart.

The child stops breathing, rapidly loses consciousness, and becomes pale and limp. A seizure and incontinence may occur. The heart typically beats very slowly during a spell. After the spell, the heart speeds up again, breathing restarts, and consciousness returns without any treatment. Because this form is rare, further diagnostic evaluation and treatment may be needed if the spells occur often.


So, it was a breath-holding spell.  She has never had one before, and hopefully will never have another one.

Today, I am thankful for prayer.  I am thankful that the God of the universe was THERE with me, that He heard my incomprehensible words, and that although I was understandable shaken, I still had an overwhelming sense of peace.


2 Comments on “Nov. 5- Thankful for Prayer”

  1. Your definition could also include… suddenly startled into prayer, the times when we need Him the most. So glad everything turned out okay.

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