Thank you, Monday, for that kick in the pants.

Ahhh, Monday.

Today is our first Monday back after our magical Disney World vacation.  It was great.  Worthy of a separate post, which I have not yet begun to compose.

Ahhh, can we just go back?


Today crept up on us, and really, it began its attack last night.

Christmas party.  Fun times, friends we don’t often get to just hang out with.

Eli has an asthma attack.  Scary.  I had already administered his emergency inhaler before said party as he had started to have the chronic coughing that is characteristic of his asthma.  An hour and a half later (1/2 of the time before I could give him another dose), he is coughing uncontrollably and just laying on a chair.

We promptly left the party, and went home.

Thus began a crazy night.  He slept in bed with me so I could give him his inhaler every 3 hours.  In between the 3 hour marks, he coughed.  All.  Night.

Needless to say, by the time our gray, rainy Monday morning rolled in, I was sleep deprived & running late.

THEN, while in the car, Brady chucks his milk cup directly at my FULL cup of much needed java & knocks it over.  ALL. OVER. THE. CAR.


Should have known based on cup choice that it was going to be a doozy of a day...

I admit, I *may* have lost my cool a little at this point.  I seriously got tears in my eyes looking at all of that lovely caffeine splattered over my dash.

Took Rachel to school.  We were late.  Had to walk her in.

Got back in car, had to cancel dentist appointments for the kids.

Made a *needed* stop by Starbucks to appease the roaring caffeine monster (umm, that would be me).

Home again, home again,  and now hoping to get Eli in to our dr. for a check up.  He is still coughing badly.  Hoping since I have another fun allergy shot today, I can slip him in at the same time…


Say a prayer, friends, ’cause at this point, Monday is doing a pretty good job kicking me in the pants.

the coffee spiller - good thing he's cute.
my pitiful little Eli...

1 Comments on “Thank you, Monday, for that kick in the pants.”

  1. Yes, it’s a good thing he’s cute and poor Eli looks pitiful. I’m so sorry your week as gotten started like this. I hope you can get Eli in and that they’re able to help him. And, also, I’m looking forward to your picture-filled (hint hint) Disney post. I love you. 🙂

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