ice cream, back scratches & poopy diapers

A most unusual trio, yes? 🙂

My Grandaddy is being moved from the hospital where he has been back to the nursing home.  The doctors cannot do anything more for him than what they are currently doing; this move is to make him more comfortable in what will most likely be his last days on earth.  They are stopping his medications as there is no improvement from taking them.  He has become almost completely unresponsive, although today, for a moment, that was not the case.

I talked to him today.  I was in Texas on my phone, my mom was holding her phone up to his ear in South Carolina.

I told him how much I love him, & that I am praying that this transition today goes smoothly.

I apologized for the poopy diaper he had to change long ago on a road trip just the two of us were making.  My whole life I heard about that diaper… 🙂  I did let him know today that I thought the experience probably made him a better person. 🙂

I told him that if he would scratch my back, I would scratch his.  He is, after all, the best back scratcher in the world.

I told him that after we were done scratching backs, we could go get a bowl of chocolate ice cream & put a big spoonful of peanut butter on top to eat.  Mmmm, his favorite, and I love it too.

I told him I wish I could be there to give him hugs and kisses, but mom would just have to give them for me.

And then, our “talk” was over.

During it, it sounded like there was something going on in the background.  I didn’t think much of it since they are in a  hospital right now, waiting for the transfer.  My mom told me afterwards that she knew he had heard me because during part of the conversation he started mumbling.  She didn’t know what he was saying, but I have a feeling it was in reference to the poopy diaper. 🙂

I wish I could see my Grandaddy again on this earth, but if I don’t, I know I WILL see him again in heaven.

4 Comments on “ice cream, back scratches & poopy diapers”

  1. I’m glad you got that moment & were able to recall some fond memories… I’m sure it made his heart happy.

  2. tell me about the boundries of family back scratching…. I was raised in a loving, friendly home where neck rubs and back scratches were only done when you had a “crenck in the neck” or a bug bite on your back. And never did we take our shirts off! My boyfriend just took his shirt off and had his 9 year old daughter scratch his back. When I said it made me really uncomfortable, he was pissed that I thought anything of it. He said his family always scratched each other’s back. to me, it is an intimate, personal act that I have never (yes never!) seen between two people let alone father and daughter – – it made me crinch (sp?) I have only participated in a skin-baring back scratch when it was a feel good, wow “scratch my back and I will scratch yours” moment. So maybe I am a prude? Please share with me your perspective so I can see another point of view. The sooner the better as we are now both “stewing” over this issue. Thanks for your time, I really do appreciate it.

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