Pinterest ruined my Valentine’s Day… okay, not really, but I’m feeling dramatic.

Pinterest.  I joined a few months ago before it became the insane craze  popular past time that it has recently grown into (at least, in my circle of Facebook friends who constantly post when they have pinned something new).

I joined because hey, who doesn’t need another way to waste time?  Oh yeah, that would be me.  I only “pin” occasionally because it is quite addictive.  As in my response to a kid calling from upstairs would be, “is anyone bleeding?”.

I decided a few weeks ago to do some pre-Valentine’s Day pinning.  Looked for cute card ideas, etc…  You see, I like to do things “cutely”.  My gift doesn’t have to be the biggest, or the most expensive, but I do like it to be the cutest.

Found some really great ideas.  Pinned them.  Forgot about them.  Bought paper valentines at the store when I realized that the cute ones just weren’t going to happen.


Even with the store-bought valentines, I was feeling pretty good about my Valentine’s Day efforts until this afternoon.  Woke up this morning, made cinnamon toast & used red sugar crystals instead of regular sugar.  Put a little pink food coloring into the milk cups.  EVEN used my *cute* miniature heart cookie cutter to cut out shapes from the toast.  Oh yeah!  And I busted out the heart-shaped plates my mom gave us!  I was feeling quite Valentine-y, let me tell you.

Sent the kids off to their classes with their store-bought cards.  I DID remember to tape candy to the cards.  Heart-shaped lollipops.  Again, very Valentine-y. 🙂

As I was going through the bags of loot my kids brought home, it began to sink it.  I actually had NO idea what Valentine’s Day has become.  Kids don’t get store bought cards, their moms either hand-make, or print some cutesy thing that they found on Pinterest. Kids don’t give a lollipop, they give a cellophane bag filled with a variety of goodies.

flower with a lollipop in the center. super cute. I sense a mommy with a Pinterest addiction...


When did this happen??  I remember (oh yes, this is a bone fide trip down memory lane…) the good ‘ol days when store-bought valentines were the nice ones.  When a miniature bag of M&M’s taped to the front was the awesome card.

What happened???

you can't see the words, but it's a fishbowl shaped card that says, "from the moment I saw you, I was hooked". Had to be Pinterest! Swedish fish & twine to tie it all up to boot!

Apparently the “bigger is better” & “more is still not enough” mentality has encroached even upon kiddie valentine exchanges!

I admit, part of me is just mad that I got out-cuted.  I mean, I wasn’t planning on winning any awards.  But I was hoping that there were some other frazzled moms out there who were going to be sending the same style valentine cards as we did!  NO!!!  I can count on one hand how many did, and that is out of the 42 combined valentines we received from other kids!  Is this not crazy???  Am I crazy for thinking it’s crazy???  I feel like it’s some sort of twisted competition out there, like the other moms who made the cute Pinterest-ish cards are going to look at my pathetic offering & feel a little smug. They out did me.

Well, congrats, overachieving moms.  You did it.  YOU made the best valentines.  My guess is that one day YOU will also be making your child’s science project for them.  You will also be doing their book reports, writing editing their papers… it all starts HERE!  Maybe I am being a little dramatic passionate.  But really, does it not seem that way to any other moms out there?  Does it not seem like society is forcing us to compete with each other & use our poor sweet children to do so?

I won’t.

I may put a little more effort into our valentine cards next year.  But, chances are, that I will probably do much like I did this year.

Hopefully, “it’s the thought that counts” will still count for something, even if they are store-bought.

don't think this idea came from Pinterest... 🙂

6 Comments on “Pinterest ruined my Valentine’s Day… okay, not really, but I’m feeling dramatic.”

  1. Yes. IT. IS. CRAZY. I saw pictures of homemade valentines that moms made for the BABIES in their BABY’S DAYCARE program. I just don’t have it in me to do that!! So glad you don’t either!!

  2. No WAY!!!
    Last year we did ZERO valentines. I think one year we had family pictures made in Feb, so I made like 5 for Rachel’s little “friends”. I was overwhelmed by just the store-bought & candy version this year…

  3. We picked up storebought at The Dollar Tree 🙂 Freed said he wanted to add a pencil or something to his valentine and I told him, “OK, go get me a couple of dollars from your piggy bank and I’ll be happy to pick some up tomorrow.” He changed his mind! haha! Over here at 1604 & Bandera, things are a little less “pinteresty.” Both my elementary kids came home with NOTHING but storeboughts – my favorites are the ones with the tattoos 🙂 Freedom has 3 on his arm right now 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day Whitney! I think you’re AWESOME!

  4. Thanks Amy! I think you’re awesome too! 🙂 And, you’re right. The area of town we are in probably contributed to the Pinterest valentine craze.

  5. HAhaha! This post made me laugh… & yep, I remember the ones with candy being the best ones too. I can totally relate to the irrationally annoyed feeling of being out-cuted. Yes, I most definitely think that pinterest was at work here. Except for the that last one — was that seriously in Rachel’s Valentine bag?!? What the heck??

  6. No, the strange little ornament was actually in Brady’s bag. I’m sure he will like playing with it. I’m hoping that there is not like a cultural significance to it that I”m missing. 🙂

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