My TOP THREE “must have” scenes in The Hunger Games movie!

“Y.A.” of course meaning “Young Adult”.  Referring to the genre of fiction.  In this case, referring to…


Yes, I am confessing in blog-land that I have indeed read the trilogy.  I’ll even admit that I’ve read it more than once.  And lastly, I’ll admit that this 30-something bought her tickets for the movie LAST weekend… just to make sure. 🙂

So, with no further ado, I present my TOP THREE scenes that I believe must be included the movie.

** Warning… spoilers ahead… if you haven’t read the books, and are waiting to see the movie, read no further **






Flashback scene with Peeta saving Katniss by giving her the burnt bread.  This must be followed by a the school scene in which Katniss sees the dandelion & starts to remember what her father taught her about hunting & gathering.

Reasoning:  Well, the whole series has the relationship between Katniss & Peeta as a main plot.  The logic behind Katniss’s actions in the arena are all based on her feeling obligated to save Peeta since he saved her.  Without this background, her actions just seem arbitrary.  WHY would she care to save him without such a strong catalyst?


Rue’s death in the arena.  I have a feeling that much of the brutality (i.e., the death of Cato at the Cornucopia) will be glossed over a tiny bit.  I mean, his death was in my opinion one of the most brutal in the first book.  Chewed to death by mutant dogs?  Not the way I would choose to die.

Anyways, Rue’s death.  Reasoning:  Well, because this is where Katniss refuses to play by the rules in a way that becomes significant later.  By decorating Rue with the flowers & singing her “to sleep”, she reveals to the Gamemakers that she is not just another tribute.  In addition, this scene pops again later when the people of District  11 salute Katniss on the Victor’s tour.  That action by that district lets Katniss know that her actions have ignited a revolutionary spark that isn’t going to go out on its own.


Katniss shooting an arrow at the Gamemakers during practice.

Reasoning:  Well, first of all, because it’s just awesome.

Secondly because it makes them score her high, which puts a target on her head… this leads to Peeta joining the “Careers” to help hunt her down, although in reality he is still trying to keep Katniss alive.  This leads the Careers to severely wound Peeta, Katniss to nurse him back to health, and the whole of Panem see this as her being in love with him.

Thirdly, because this incident leads to a force field being set up around the Gamemakers in Catching Fire (book 2).  The whole force field thing becomes a pivotal part of the escape from the arena.  If there is going to be a sequel (& I’m assuming that there will be)  this part of The Hunger Games book HAS to be portrayed in the movie.

There are other scenes that I expect to see, but these are my top three “must have” scenes.

Anyone else out there going to see the movie?  Anyone have opinions on what will/will not be included???

1 Comments on “My TOP THREE “must have” scenes in The Hunger Games movie!”

  1. I read the trilogy this week and am going to see the movie tomorrow. While dark, I thought the books were enthralling. I wonder how much time they’ll spend establishing what Katniss and Gale’s relationship is and I’m a little nervous about how the violence will be portrayed. I think it won’t be too bad since it’s PG13. I’m looking forward to it.

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