I’m ALIVE!! (and making play-doh…)

Hello, dear bloggy friends,

It has been SO very long since I’ve taken up my pen, err… keyboard… to post anything.  Life has been CrAzY.  Like, certifiably so.

Anyhow, I thought I’d get back into the swing of things with a nice, simple post.



Found a recipe on Pinterest a while back in which play doh could be made using Kool-Aid for the coloring agent.  I was intrigued, as the usual homemade play doh uses peanut butter, and that’s a no-no in our house.  So, I dutifully “pinned” the idea, and forgot about it, until this week.

Got a wild hair this morning and decided, what the heck, why SHOULDN’T I make play doh before 8am?

So, I did.

Got all my stuff together

All my stuff, ready to go!

What you need:

1 C flour

1 Tbsp vegetable oil

1 pkg unsweet Kool-Aid mix

1/4 C salt

2 Tbsp Cream of Tartar

1 C water


Mix flour, salt, cream of tartar & Kool-Aid in medium pot.

Add water and oil.

Stir over medium heat for 3-5 minutes

Remove from heat when it becomes a ball

Knead until smooth, store in airtight container.

Here is the progression of appearance:

All ingredients ready to go!


starting to get a little lumpy


Looking really nasty means it’s ready! 🙂


balls of play doh, ready to go

Now, here’s my assessment of the process.

How easy to make?  VERY

How easy to clean up?  VERY

Colorful?  YES, Much more than other version of homemade doh

Any Dislikes?  Well, yes,  This version is actually a little, err, pungent.  The smell of whatever flavor of Kool-Aid you use + the salt & other stuff makes it smell kind of weird.  Rachel is very sensitive to smells, and couldn’t handle it. 🙂  They boys happily mashed & built for a long time.


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