every good and perfect gift…

I don’t know how it happened, but over the course of the past year, my introverted side has taken over my social life.  For real.  Like, to the point that I tended to avoid social situations mainly comprised of fellow ladies; it was awkward, and if there wasn’t someone else there I already knew, I’d be in trouble.

Apparently, the Lord has decided it’s time to break me of this little habit, and step one was to sign up for one of the ladies Bible studies offered through our church.  I haven’t done one in this type of group in probably two years.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still studying my Bible, just minus the group of women.  The way He ended up dragging me to this is another story, suffice it to say that it happened, and I’m there.  I signed up for a study on the book of James as it’s a favorite of mine, by Beth Moore.

We are on Week 2, and every day has been amazing.  How intricate the Lord’s plans are for me; not only is he re-socializing me, but he’s giving daily doses of medicine that are the remedy to my struggles.

Today, was ground-breaking.

I know in my head that James 1:17 is true.

Ever good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

My heart, however, has been through a lot.  Events of the past had created a wall that didn’t want to let that truth sink in any deeper than head knowledge.

In the study, we had to divide our life into quarters. Then, we had to list several good gifts God gave to us during these times.  Here were mine.

Newborn –> age 8

*  a new dad

*  a family (brother, sister)

* caring home

Age 8 –> age 16

*  lots of moves and growing opportunities

*  met my future husband

*  got my gnarly teeth fixed!

*  was in a great youth group that taught me to love God with my mind

Age 16 –> Age 24

*  got married

* graduated from an amazing college experience

*  taught a subject I love

*  met friends who will be life long friends

Age 24 –> Age 32

*  Had three beautiful babies

*  opportunity to be a stay at home mom

*  wonderful part-time (from home) work opportunities

*  deeper friendships with amazing women

* re-kindling of my relationship with my sister

*  new church

*  tremendous spiritual growth

* awakened to the need for dependency on God rather than on people


As I listed those, tears started dripping on the paper.

People, I have been burned, I have been hurt, I have had people I idolized crumble like a sandcastle in the tide.  I have raged, I have cried, I have been depressed.

And YET, the Father of lights has continued to give good (and perfect) gifts.


If you struggle with overcoming the difficult junk in your life.  If that seems to shadow every thought, I’d encourage you to quarter your life, and list the good gifts you have been given.  Focus on those.  There will always be bad stuff.  I fully anticipate that the remainder of my life will have struggles and trials.  I also anticipate that the good and perfect gifts will continue to be poured out over my life.

Those are worth my focus & attention.

2 Comments on “every good and perfect gift…”

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Whitney. I appreciate your honesty and transparency. This is something we all need to do…refocus.

  2. Jamie! I should have added to the last quarter that one of my blessings is to have been able to reconnect with so many long “lost” family members; you included!

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