bucket lists & bad knees

Everyone has a list of things they’d “like” to be able to do.  I think if a survey was taken, most people do NOT accomplish much off of these bucket lists.  If their lives are anything like mine it’s because time flies by so quickly… life gets filled with other “necessary” tasks, and the wish list of things to do gets pushed off.

On my bucket list I had always dreamed of running in a half-marathon.  It was a crazy idea, especially since I am not a runner, I don’t even LIKE running!  I kept telling myself I could do it, if I wanted to.  In reality, that was probably just a lame excuse to not do anything at all.  Words are easier to speak than actions are to take.

Then, this past spring, an opportunity arose that challenged my talk-the-talk mentality.  Some friends of ours started the adoption process to bring home a child from China.  To help with the expense, they decided to form a team to run in a marathon/half-marathon that raises money for adopting families.  If I were to sign up on their team, they would get all of the money I paid for my registration.

Bucket list meets good cause with a collision.

After a few weeks of contemplating, I decided to do it.  Time to put my words into action.

Started training, and it was all good.  Not easy, but good.  I slowly began to increase my mileage and found along the way that running isn’t as heinous an activity as I thought!  If nothing else, it’s an hour or so of quiet time without children pulling on my shirt. 🙂  I found I would be a little sore, but I learned how to stretch properly.  I learned how to pace myself.  I learned how to breath properly to prevent side “stitches” from happening.  I learned how to fuel my body with the right food.

The morning I hit 9 miles, that changed.  I FELT fine.  But the last mile or so, both of my knees started hurting.  Like, they were just tired-of-the-impact-of-running kind of hurt.  They hurt for the next 36 hours.  Even walking was a process not taken lightly.

The pain faded, and by the next week I was up for a 10 mile run.  It was a great morning for it; mid-50’s and not too windy.

I only made it 5 miles, and ended up walking home.

Crushing!  I was devastated!  Why, why NOW was my body choosing to give up?

Of course, everyone has different opinions as to how I could treat my problem.  Problem is that the race is 2 weeks from TODAY, and time is of the essence.

Last night, I mentioned my concerns and troubles to a friend of ours who also happens to be a doctor.  He said based on my description, along with some other factors, that it was most likely not a long-term problem.


I’m hoping hoping hoping that if I keep my runs short between now and then, and let my body adjust, that I will still be able to meet my goal of running the entire 13.1 miles.

However, if I CAN’T run it all.  If I end up having to walk some/most, or even worse, not participate at all… it’s okay.  I may not have been able to officially cross this off of my bucket list, but I will have helped a precious girl find her forever family.

That’s worth the pain in my knees any day.

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