Dear Mr. President,

I’m writing you to let you know my thoughts about the election.  I know that chances are extremely great that you’ll never actually read this, but I feel it’s still my right as an American citizen to voice my thoughts; and your responsibility as President to listen to the people.

I’m disappointed.


I am.

You did not “earn my vote” yesterday at the polls.

In all honesty, your competition left much to be desired as well, but I do want to explain why I did not vote for you.

First, the blame game.

You’re definitely not the first executive to play this game, but in a time of such economic desperation, you seemed to not realize that all a great number of us wanted to was to hear someone take responsibility.  I’m not saying you had to blame it all on yourself, or even on your party.  I think the economic woes we experienced and continue to struggle with reach far beyond partisan politics.  I just wanted you to acknowledge when something went wrong (without placing blame at someone else’s feet)… rather than hearing the endless stream of false hope you seemed to project.

Second, I think you’re an idealist to the core.

Idealism ain’t all bad.  However, when it prevents you from being able to see the forest for the trees, it horrifying.  Obviously, I’m referring to your healthcare plan here.  I will be the first to admit I haven’t studied every nuance of the plan, but I understand enough to know that while there may be some good that comes out of it, there is also some bad.  My opinion is that the bad is based on the “A” word… yep, I did it.  I brought it up… abortion.

Mr. President, I’m a woman.  And, I do believe that people can make choices that are good and bad.  You can choose (or not)  to smoke.  You can choose (or not)  to do drugs.  You can choose (or not) to exercise.  You can choose (or not) to eat your veggies.  I firmly believe that no person, regardless of gender, should be able to choose whether another person lives or dies.  And, I think you’d agree for the most part.  I think you are so caught up in the idealism of doing something “for the masses”, that you’ve deadened yourself to the still, small voice that must whisper somewhere that this is wrong… that is it NOT okay to be okay with abortion.

Mr. President, I am also deeply disappointed in your attitude during the campaign.  You were rude, you were condescending, and you were haughty.  As MY president, you have a responsibility to act in a way that reflects well upon the American people.  It doesn’t matter what Mr. Romney may or may not have said or done.  HE was not president.  YOU were.

I think my bottom line, sir, is that I am sad.  I’m crushed to think that our country has reached the point where they are willing to elect someone who has really accomplished nothing good… just because they don’t like the other guy.  I know there will be mainstream groups (I realize, I am on the fringe) that argue that you have done great things for the “people”.  I think this election has made me realize that I am not in the majority any longer.

I’m not going to trash you.  I’m not going to spout off on social media.  I AM going to be praying for you.  For real… not just saying that.  I think you need it, and trust me, I’m not being condescending.  As president of this country for the next four years you have some massive hurdles to clear.  I will be praying that the Lord will direct your actions; that you will still yourself long enough to ask your creator what HE would will in any given situation.

I do believe that everything happens under the watch of the Lord.  I know that He has plans to work for good in the next years.  Regardless of who is in office, He will accomplish his will.  It’s all he can do, and really, that is where MY hope is.  Not in your “hope & change”.  I will trust that HE is moving forward with his agenda, even if your “forward” motion stalls.



2 Comments on “Dear Mr. President,”

  1. excellent thoughts, whitney. are you mailing this to him? i sure hope so! i was thinking i needed to write a letter as well.

  2. Ha! No, I hadn’t thought about actually printing & sending it. I hate the think that I’ve become so cynical that I no longer think that would be any impact… but then again, maybe just the action itself IS the impact. We’ll see…

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