good triumphs

Last night Rachel told Matt, and then me, about a dream she had.  Far from rainbows and unicorns, it was disturbing, but turned out to be an excellent opportunity to talk about the goodness of God.

She said that she dreamed two men broke into our house, and were looking for the kids.  They found all the kids in order from oldest to youngest, and then took out a gun and shot them.  Rachel was shot in the stomach and the leg, but survived.  Eli and Brady both died.

What really got me was what she said happened next…

She told the men that what they were doing was wrong, and then she told them about Jesus.  The shorter man did not believe her, but he taller man did, and was repentant.  He became a Christian.


So, first I’m trying to process the evil in the dream, and then I’m trying to process my gratitude for the Lord’s faithfulness in showing up in a real way to my daughter.

We talked about how there are bad things that happen in the world.

We talked about how since Adam and Eve sinned, there would always be bad things that happen, but that’s not the way God WANTS it to be.

We talked about Romans 8:28, that He is STILL working out all things for the good for those who love him.

We talked about how one day, Jesus WILL come back, and then all the bad things will be no more…

And she started to laugh.

Joyous laughter at the thought of her returning King.

Good triumphs over evil.  Every time.

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