perfect timing

This week, I had the opportunity to organize our office closet.

Yes, I said “opportunity”.

You see, I actually like organizing closets and stuff.

Really, I LOVE it.

It’s true.

As I was sorting through piles of things that had managed to find a home in there, I came across a gem… it was my middle child’s 1st birthday party scrapbook, and… it was not finished.

Just so you don’t think I’m super mom, let me explain that for all of my kids, I did a scrapbook of their FIRST year, and then a small one for their 1st birthday party.  That first year passes so quickly, and there is so much change, it was worth the time, energy and expense for me to do it for each of them.  However, past that, the family scrapbook is a little sporadic.  Example?  I just scrapped my 1st grader’s kindergarten graduation picture this week. 🙂

I determined that I WOULD finish my poor middle child’s 1st birthday party book this week.  I only had 4 pages left to do, and I felt like it was now or never.

As I worked on it, I was given a glimpse into the past.  Maybe it’s the history major in me, but whenever I see pictures, or other things from my past, my mind starts turning & remembering, and remembering.

I remembered where I was then.  What I was like… spiritually, as a mom, as a friend, as a wife, as a person in general.

I saw a glimpse of what my life was like then.  Who I hung out with, which friends were yet to come in my life.

I remembered what events had happened recently, and what events were still to come… and it hit me.

I am SO glad that the Lord does not reveal everything to us right off the bat!  At that point in time, there were major things about to go down in my life, and I had ZERO clue.  And, I’m glad I didn’t.

I wasn’t ready to handle them then.  I wasn’t prepared emotionally, or spiritually.

However, by the time each event occurred, I was.

The Lord is always faithful, and his timing is always sure.

I finished the scrapbook yesterday, and you know what?

I’m glad it took so long to complete.

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