an oldie…

This day (the day before Easter) two years ago I wrote this.  I happened to think about it recently, and so decided to look it up.  FYI, it’s really funny to read things you forgot about years ago… 🙂  It’s also cool to see who I used to be, vs who I am now. Anyways, since I pretty much wonder the same things today as I did then, I figured it was worth a re-post.

Happy almost-Easter, from our family to yours!!!

the Day Between…


Today I found myself being a little more contemplative than usual.  My usual brain activity consists of keeping track of kids, however I had a few minutes in the car to myself this morning, and that led to slightly deeper thoughts beyond playing “I spy”, or answering questions about any topic imaginable.

No, today I was thinking about tomorrow.  Easter.  What this day, the Day Between Christ’s death and resurrection, must have felt like so many years ago to the people who loved Jesus.

Taking notice of the incredibly beautiful sky started this train of thought.  Clear, pale blue, with just  a few fluffy white clouds drifting along.  I wondered what the sky looked like on that Day Between.  Was it clear and beautiful?  Did the grieving followers of Jesus look at the sky and wonder why it was so lovely when their hearts were so heavy?

Or, was the sky overcast, grey, heavily clouded?  Did the day reflect the sadness being felt by so many?  Did even the sky mourn the death of the Prince of Peace?

On the Day Between, did the disciples question their decisions over the past few years?  Surely at least one of them wondered how they could have gone from being followers of the most mesmerizing man in history to potentially being sought after for undesirable reasons.  The man they followed without question… did they doubt their decision on the Day Between?

What secret joy was welling up in the hearts of those who condemned Jesus to death with their lies?  The religious leaders, the ones most threatened by this Man… were they sitting back, obeying the laws that were about to become obsolete?  Did they realize that Tomorrow was going to change everything?

This year, and every year I can remember, there is the solemn grief acknowledged by the death of my Savior on Friday, and the overwhelming joy celebrating His resurrection on Sunday… but what about the Day Between?

I have never made much of it, but to those who were there, who saw Jesus die, who did not know what I know… what was that day like?

For me, today, it opened my eyes a little… it made me so very thankful that I don’t have to live even ONE day doubting, not even ONE moment in fear, not even ONE moment without joy… all because of Tomorrow.

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