Just a little gatorade. Spiritual gatorade, that is.

Where have I been???

Livin’ life, friends.  Just livin’ life.

Being a Room Mom to my daughter’s first grade class, making sure all the little finger nails & toe nails stay trimmed in the house, making dinners (or choosing where we will eat out…), helping plan the most awesome Backyard Bible Club with the most awesome group of ladies.  Meeting with friends, spending time with God, celebrating birthdays,  AND…

being Brady’s mom.

This child, my third has been different from the get-go.

Rachel & Eli:  8lbs. 6oz. & 8lbs. 7oz.

Brady:  9lbs. 11oz.

Rachel & Eli:  straight hair

Brady: curly hair

Rachel & Eli: first tooth at 6 months

Brady:  first tooth at 4 months

Rachel & Eli:  respond well to correction/direction

Brady:  nicknamed “Hurricane Brady”

So, you see?? From the day he was born, he has broken every mold I was accustomed to.  Every form of discipline that worked for the first two, he scoffs at.  Any attempt to rein in his wild-child behavior, he laughs at.

He’s cute.  Really cute.  I’m convinced the Lord made him cute so that I could make it through these tough times.

Today during my quiet time this morning I read in Acts about Saul & his conversion on the road to Damascus.

Here’s a man who hates Christians SO much that he’s wanting to obtain a death sentence for any found.

And God, in his infinite wisdom (and I imagine no small amount of humor), chooses this Jesus-hater to be the one who would spread Christianity to a number of cities & people.

Go!  This man is my chosen instrument of carry my name before the Gentiles and their kings and before the people of Israel.  Acts 9:15

Saul *within a matter of DAYS* transforms from a man who hated Jesus, to a man hungry to know more about Him.

Saul spent several days with the disciples in Damascus.  At once he began to preach in the synagogues that Jesus is the Son of God.  Acts 9:19-20


God can change lives… in an instant!  He can take what seems impossible, and make it come to pass.  Those people who I have categorized as impossible… my God, he LOVES the impossible!

And in that moment, I knew how much he loves Brady too.

He LOVES my impossible, curly headed baby.  Loves him.

Who knows what good and marvelous things await my boy when he grows up?!?

If God can use Saul’s zeal for persecuting Christians & turn it around to become zeal for sharing Christ with others, He can most definitely take Brady’s *ahem* … energy… and create good from it. 😉

Can’t wait to see.

And until then, I’ll just keep on running this race set before me… and be thankful for the cool refreshment of spiritual gatorade I find in the Word daily.

2 Comments on “Just a little gatorade. Spiritual gatorade, that is.”

  1. Love this! Our boys definitely keep us busy. Every time I hear the song Live Like That I think of Ryder and his “reckless abandon”. and pray that he will use it for Jesus as he grows up.

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