she gets that from her mama

Umm... that's a lie.
Umm… that’s a lie.


The great beyond.

A place where all things logical make sense.

Which is great, if you have a logical sort of mind. 🙂

I happen to *ahem* NOT.

It appears that math is also the area my oldest will have to work hardest at.

She just completed first grade, and she did so with High Honors for the year.  She’s a smart cookie, that one, but the one area that her teacher consistently reminded us to work on was knowing her math facts.

Who needs math facts memorized these days???  I mean, isn’t that what the calculator app on my iPhone is for???

Turns out, it’s pretty important, and helps tremendously as she advances in grade level.

So, this summer, we have a couple of goals…

Fitness:  become a proficient swimmer & bike rider (she can do it, she’s just afraid to fail)

Verbal/Linguistic:  read every day (not a problem for her… I’m having trouble keeping new material on hand!)

Fine Arts:  do “beginner” piano lessons (with me… I’m not payin’ for lessons until I know they actually want it!)

Math:  feel confident with fact family knowledge.

Of course, there’s also a decent helping of “have a bunch of fun” thrown in there too. 😉

See!  We went to the zoo!  It's not all work around this place... ;)
See! We went to the zoo! It’s not all work around this place… 😉

To help with math, I found this amazing website.

It allowed me to create a practice sheet (with answer key!) using specifications unique to Rachel’s skill level.


Although she may not be as ridiculously excited as I am about this… I hope in the long run she’ll appreciate the confidence she gains in knowing the math families.

I really don’t care if she’s good at math, or if she even makes High Honor roll.  I want her to ultimately find her identity in Christ, not in a report card tally.

However, I do want to give her every opportunity to be successful.

She may never love math, and I’m okay with that.  I just don’t want her to dread it the way I did growing up.


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