the mushy, romantic post I promised.

About a week ago, I warned you that a romantic post was in the works… and then I forgot about it.

Guess that’s what happens after 11 years of marriage combined with 6 years of dating for a grand total of

SEVENTEEN years of being together. 🙂

So, here’s our little love story. And, appropriate that I remembered today, since today marks the 17th anniversary of our first date!

The first year of our dating... He's super confident, I'm still awkward & in shock that he's MY boyfriend... :)
The first year of our dating… He’s super confident, I’m still awkward & in shock that he’s MY boyfriend… 🙂

Let’s see…

I was 16.

He was 18.

I was on the debate team (read: “socially awkward”).

He was on the baseball team (read: “super-hot & popular”).

He did tell me when he saw this picture that he probably wouldn't have asked me out then... ;)  This was 6th grade.
He did tell me when he saw this picture that he probably wouldn’t have asked me out then… 😉 This was 6th grade.

We both went to the same church, and one day, out of the clear blue, he called me.


Because of the socially awkward bit, I may or may not have responded to the call appropriately.

And, even though I had a secret crush on him, I totally turned him down the first time. I had a good excuse, I had a family thing to be at the night in question.

But, he was not deterred.

We eventually went on our first “real” date on June 14th, 1996. He came & picked me up. I was wearing a HIDEOUS outfit, y’all. For real. Not just “it was the 90’s so it can be forgiven” outfit. It was BAD. Because, remember? I was socially awkward. Shopping & clothes didn’t matter all that much. I mean, I was going to DEBATE CAMP in a few weeks…


Anyways, we did the traditional. Olive Garden & a movie.

He put his arm around my shoulders.

I sat stiff as a board. No clue how to act.

I remember the movie (The Rock), but I didn’t really see it.

He smelled really good. 🙂

Our paths separated for a while… he went to college & I was still in high school. We still dated, but it was a slow-growing relationship.

He put up with all of my maturity issues (or lack of maturity issues).

I tried to break up with him a couple of times.

Obviously, that didn’t work. 😉

When my family moved cross-country a year later, I fully intended to find someone else. Someone closer to where I lived. I had ZERO intention of continuing a long-distance relationship.

He had other ideas.

He came & visited.

He graduated from college & then got a job on the East coast.

We saw each other on the weekends at my parents house.

And the “other” boy, the “replacement”? That person never showed up.

Instead, I found myself unable to imagine my life without him.

I loved him.

It really is my favorite love story, this story of ours.
It really is my favorite love story, this story of ours.

I’m still a little awkward, and I still have ZERO idea what he saw in me back in ’96. I am quite sure that he was seeing me through God’s eyes, because there is no other reason why he should have stuck with me through everything. No reason.

But I’m glad he did.

Today, I still can’t imagine my life without him in it. Seventeen years ago, I was a nervous wreck… wondering what I should wear, what I should do with my hair, if he would try to hold my hand… or heaven forbid, what if he tried to KISS me! (He waited on that one…). I never imagined that we’d be where we are now. We’ve come through some serious storms together. We’ve enjoyed the sunshine of life together too. I love seeing him grow in age & in wisdom. I love seeing him be a father to our children. I love the way he is a person who truly wants what is best for me. I love that he lets me read in bed on my iPad without grumbling. I love that he doesn’t mind going out to eat if I just don’t feel like cooking. I love that he works so hard to provide for his family, and that he gives us all of him. I love that he loves other people too… his servant heart is an example to me, and the kids.

He is my perfect match.

I’m so glad I waited for him to come along! I’m so glad I never gave in to the temptation to “date around”, or “play the field”, or any such nonsense! I have no baggage from other relationships clouding what we have, and I never will. He is the one for me, and I am the one for him.

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