worship: an act of will

Ya know, I don’t really LOOOOOVE everything I have to do on a daily basis.  I’ll admit, unlike most ladies, I DO enjoy cleaning the bathrooms… or anything else having to do with the smell of bleach.

(I know, I know… weird…)

But there are things I don’t enjoy.

Cooking, grocery shopping, etc…

Not my favorite.

I mean, I like eating (a lot), but I really dislike planning menus & shopping.  Especially when it’s 100+ degrees outside & I have my three kids with me.

But, we have to eat, right?

The days of eating ice cream for dinner ended when the little munchkins came along.  I guess we could still do that, but to do it on a daily basis wouldn’t be healthy for them, or really, for me either. 😉

It’s an act of will.

I know it’s what I NEED, regardless of whether I enjoy it, or if it feels comfortable, or if it brings me warm fuzzy feelings of goodness.

I think for a lot of people who call themselves “Christian”, worship is a bit like that.  It’s a little “weird”.  It’s uncomfortable.  It’s not warm & fuzzy filled.

What led to this thought?  Well…

I’ve spent my life in churches.  I’ve seen many a worship leader, or in good Southern Baptist lingo, Music Minister.  I’ve watched hundreds and hundreds of people “worshipping”.

And, sometimes, I wondered… is this it?

Is worship just singing songs out of a book, or off of a screen?

Is it standing there while someone with a microphone & a decidedly better voice than me leads?

The obvious answer is “no”… I mean, there has to be more than that.  Non-stop worship happens in heaven, and yet here, every Sunday, buildings are filled with people mouthing words they feel no connection to. Singing to a God they feel no connection to.

Maybe they don’t like singing.

Maybe they don’t “sing well”.

Maybe it’s uncomfortable to be in a crowd of people.

Maybe they feel small & insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

MAYBE… It’s an act of will.

Confession:  sometimes, I have to MAKE myself worship.

This goes beyond singing.  It’s beyond just trying to pay attention.  It’s beyond wearing nice clothes & fooling everyone into thinking I’ve got my act together.

It’s about being with the Living God.

The one that created EVERYTHING.

Did you read that???

God.  The one that took a wad of dirt & created a man & then breathed HIS OWN BREATH OF LIFE into the mud creature…

THAT is the God we worship!

What’s more… is He doesn’t “need” us to worship him.

He’s pretty much it.


We GET to worship him.

He allows us to participate in his worship… and if we choose not to, the rocks themselves will cry out.

Worship isn’t a choice.  It’s not something we can do when “we feel it”, or when we’ve had a particularly good week & we’re thankful to God. We may not always get a warm fuzzy feeling.  That’s what makes it an act of will.   It’s something WE need, and so we do it.

Sometimes, I have to MAKE myself remember WHO I am singing about, and singing to.

When that sinks in…

It doesn’t matter where I am.  Or what I’m wearing.  Or if there are other people around, or if I can sing particularly well.

It’s me & it’s God… and I’m letting Him know He is my one & only.

For me… that’s worship.



2 Comments on “worship: an act of will”

  1. Thanks! I had been reading Foster’s Celebration of Discipline, and shortly after writing this I read the chapter entitled “Worship”. Such great stuff there too… wish I had read it earlier!

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