I will warn you that this is my thoughts while sitting in my flowered chair after trying to watch the news.  There are no citations given, but if you want them, just let me know & I can send them along.  This is a heartfelt, quickly written post… not a researched, well-developed treatise. 🙂

My thoughts on the whole “Affordable Care” debate…


1.  “Right” verses “Wrong”

There’s a lot of rhetoric flying around out there.  I’m thankful that my Facebook feed is mostly non-political, and that the friends I have don’t post vitriolic status updates.  I tried to watch the news tonight.  I got a headache.  SO TIRED of hearing nasty mud-slinging being done by both sides.

Here’s the thing.  They BOTH think they’re in the right.  Republicans, Democrats, they all feel that the stance they are taking is the right one, the BEST one for the country & the people.

But by what standard are they judging “right” verses “wrong”???  It’s kind of comical to listen to these people who are so determined… and know that they (for the most part) have ZERO basis for their convictions!  Oh, and party affiliation doesn’t count.

The ONLY truth, the ONLY unwavering “rightness” in history is found in Christ.

Funny, he doesn’t seem to be much a part of the discussions going on in D.C. these days.


2.  The role of the Church

This section is for believers only.  I mean, there are people in the world that spend money or do good, but their motives are not the same as one who is a disciple of Christ.

For those of us who are… what are we doing????????

Are we really so complacent that we’re okay sitting back and merely TALKING about how terrible we think this law is?  I’ll admit, I’ve never read the whole thing, nor have I researched in depth the pros and cons.  But, I do know the basics, and I know the hot button topics that seem to be flaring up.

Who. Cares. About. The. Stupid. Law.

Church!  What are we doing to care for these people???  Are we taking to heart the mandate to care for the poor, the widow, the orphan?

Is the care extending past a look of pity or compassionate thoughts?

Scripture clearly tells us that to see a brother in need, and yet do nothing but wish him well is SINFUL!

Would the Affordable Care Act even be necessary the way it is (or a good many other massive government agencies) if the Church were taking care of those in need?  ACTIVELY taking care of them?  Not just donating cans to a food drive, or a jacket during cold weather..

I confess.  This whole brouhaha has given me a lot to think about.  And, to make it even more thought provoking, I’m in the midst of reading Bonhoeffer’s Cost of Discipleship.  Nothing like knowing about a man who was literally murdered because he refused to take Jesus out of his life.

There is change on the horizon.

The Church MUST become Jesus to people, before people decide to legislate Him completely out of their lives.

It’s already happening.

What are we going to do about it?


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