dusting in the dark

Last night I dusted my TV stand.  Now, this piece of furniture is dark wood, and so I usually dust it at least twice a week.  Seems like every dust particle just stands out.

Added to this is the fact that as a kid/teen, one of my chores at home was to dust.  So, while I may not be able to drive at night without my glasses, I can spot dust from across the room. 🙂

It’s a little known super power.

Don’t be jealous.

So, last night I dusted.  And, when I was finished, I stepped back to make sure I got the whole surface cleaned off, then, feeling happiness at the new dust-free vision before me, I put my cleaner & cloth away.

This morning, I opened my windows to let some of the lovely fresh autumn air in, and as the sunlight hit the surface of the TV stand, I almost gasped out loud.  It was FILTHY.  There were finger prints & smudges.  There was (believe it or not), MORE DUST!

How did this happen?  I JUST cleaned it a mere 12 hours ago!  How could I have missed the true condition of the furniture when I stepped back to appraise my work?


1.  I only dusted the top.  I neglected to wipe down the sides or front of the doors because, well, I didn’t see dust on them.  Obviously, the front needed more attention than I realized.  Took a stream of sunlight to see it.

2.  I dusted in the dark.  When you clean in the dark, it’s not as efficient.  There is always going to be something that gets neglected, even if it’s unintentional.

3.  I dusted quickly.  Rather than taking my time, I chose to make quick work of the job so that I could move on to other more “important” things.  In the case of the TV stand, it was so that I could chill on the sofa & watch a television show.

Anyone see the parallels I did as I re-cleaned this morning???

My poor TV stand is much like our spiritual lives.  They require attention.

Drawing near to God takes effort.  It takes constant vigilance.  It takes the willingness to clean what needs to be cleaned in our hearts and lives.

But, if we do the work hastily, if we rush through so that we can “check the box”, we ultimately end up selling short our relationship for the sake of other more “important” things.

1.  We have to be willing to open ourselves up completely.  It’s not good enough to only expose the parts of us that we’re okay exposing.  The Lord sees our hearts anyways, you know?  We may even THINK we’re doing pretty good.  Maybe we’re going to church.  Maybe we’re even reading our Bibles.  I tell you, if the Spirit of Jesus is not cutting you like a double-edged sword, you are missing out.  Sometimes it takes being with others and being vulnerable to be able to do this.  If you’re local to me, and you want someone to be vulnerable with, someone you can be with as you come clean, to “dust” your life off in the presence of God & others, let me know!

2.  You can’t leave things in the dark!  That secret sin?  That “thing” you think would cause others to change their opinion of you?  That experience you had that still causes you to shudder?  Those things, the Enemy wants to stay hidden.  He knows that by keeping those things in the dark, he is able to stunt your spiritual growth.  I hear ya, I’ve been there.  It’s not worth putting in the blogosphere, but about a year and a half ago I gained some serious freedom from something that had haunted my life since I was in the 3rd grade.  And, while it was SO difficult to even voice the words while I shared with others, the weight of the burden being lifted off my my shoulders was worth the discomfort.  Again, if this is you, know that the Lord has FREEDOM for you!

3.  We can’t make hasty work of our time with the Lord.  Scanning through an emailed devotional may be good for a temporary pick-me-up, but it’s not going to sustain.  Sustainment comes only from spending time in the Word, pulling out what the Lord has to say from it, and then (and this is SO important!) taking the time to wait on the Lord.  All this means is that you ask Him to reveal what HE has for you.  Don’t waste the whole time prattling about your problems.  I mean, He DOES want us to come to him with our stuff, all of it.  But he also wants to come to us and fill us up!  And, he promises to do just that!  Why else would he have sent the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is referred to as our Counselor, our Helper.  He is the Spirit of Jesus!  Spending time waiting means that you can hear from Jesus!  Who doesn’t want some of THAT?!? If that seems weird to you… if you’ve never “waited” on the Lord, Do.Not.Feel.Guilty.  Guilt is NOT from the Lord.  🙂  I would LOOOOVE to talk about it, or walk with you through it!  I love being with Jesus.  And part of why I love it is because HE loves being with ME.

Oh, bloggy friends, who knew a little bit of sunlight could create such passion!?!

I feel strongly like this post is for someone.  I don’t know who.  But, if it’s you, know that I am praying for you, nameless friend!  I am praying that the Lord would reveal himself to you today.

And I am serious, I am here.  Actually here in person, and I would love to chat.

nice & clean... until next time!
nice & clean… until next time!

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