Halloween thoughts, take 2

Ahhh, yes.  My favorite month & least favorite month of the year.


The beginning of cooler weather, a welcome respite from the crazy Texas heat…

The beginning of my frantic baking of all things pumpkin…

Annnnnd… Halloween.

BOO.  (let’s be honest… I’m pretty proud of that pun).

I hate Halloween.

Really, I do.

Don’t believe me?  Check out this post.  See?  It’s true.

EVERY year, seriously, every year we get down to the last day or so before Halloween and I remember that I need to decide what we’re going to do… and I hate it.  Really. Truth is, I wait until the last days because I just don’t even want to think about it.  It’s bad enough that I have to drive by houses with graveyards set up in their front yards.

Uggghhh…  *insert whiny voice here* I don’t want to think about it!  *end of whiny voice*

This year, I started the battle early.  I started praying about mid-September.  I asked the Lord what HE would have us do this year, because, in all honesty, what we had tried just wasn’t working. What I realized was that everything we had done to try to protect ourselves from the holiday was in the form of hiding from it.  Avoiding it as much as possible.

We tried the “lights out” thing.  Well, that worked GREAT in our old neighborhood where the smallest piece of land was 2 acres!  No one wanted to trick or treat in our area, and we didn’t have kids for the first half of the time in that house anyways! Problem. Solved.

THEN, we moved to a city-lot neighborhood.  LOADS of trick or treating going on here.  By this point, we were also aware that Eli has a severe peanut allergy.  And, to prevent the potential ingestion of something that could hurt him, we decided to continue with the no-trick-or-treating.  But really, I hate Halloween.  That’s the main reason we continued to avoid the event as much as possible.

Last year we tried to get away from it by going out to eat at a sit-down restaurant.  Annnnd, wouldn’t you know it… the servers, busboys and hostesses at the restaurant were dressed up too.  Some of them even really (really) creepy.


Back to praying… I prayed.  And then I prayed some more.  And as I prayed I began to feel like while, as Christians, we should run from evil, and Halloween is most definitely a day with roots of evil, there is more.

Because, there is God.

And God can redeem even the ugly. Even the bad.  Even the evil.

I know that’s a big statement… but I believe it, because He has proven it true. And also, because I HAVE to believe it.  If I’m going to be bold enough to assert that there is a Heaven and a Hell, if I am bold enough to assert that a Man was also God and died for me and then rose again… I must believe that this day hold redemption, too.


We’re still not trick-or-treating, but we aren’t hiding either.

We’re going to be setting up a festival type game in our driveway and interacting with kids & families as they come by.  Maybe we’ll get a chance to make connections.  Maybe people will see us and think there is something different about us.

I’m also hoping that my children will see something different about us.  It should be pretty difficult not to.  I’m hoping that they will be spurred on to ask questions about why we do things the way we do, why we are different.  I hope that the Lord will use this to grow their hearts for the people they come in contact with, that they will develop a love for people and a desire to reach out to people.

Not hiding.

Being out there.

Being DIFFERENT while being out there.

Bringing a little Jesus to the night.

Not in the form of “Jesus loves you” pencils, but in the form of caring & being real.

Honestly, I don’t have a shred of a clue as to what it will all look like.

But I am excited to see.

Did you catch that?  Halloween is next week, and I’m ready for it.

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