a different kind of Halloween

Well, it’s over.

Every year I’ve always breathed a huge sigh of relief on November 1st because, well, October 31st is over.


As per my previous posts, this year we decided to do things differently.  And, different it was.

Not just for us, but I think for a bunch of people that came by…

in a good way.

My plan of having a fishing booth type set up didn’t happen.  Matt & I agreed we need to start working on that much earlier next year.  However, I made sure to have a TON of good candy (as well as allergy-friendly snacks), and I did have fun with the trick-or-treaters.

The first bunch to come by were our across-the-street neighbors.  They brought their super-de-duper cute puppy, Gracie dressed as a hotdog.  A-dorable.  I had baked up some homemade dog treats earlier in the day for man’s best friend, and so Gracie got to try one out.  See… isn’t she the cutest little hotdog??? 🙂  A few other pups came by with families through the course of the night & all of the owners were excited that their little buddies were treated with something special too.


Gracie the hotdog!
Gracie the hotdog!

As groups started to come by, I would tell them they had a choice.  They could have 1 piece of candy for free.  OR, they could have more if they could impress me with a trick of some sort.  A treat for a trick.  It was HILARIOUS!!!  I saw everything, y’all.  Everything.

Some kids told funny jokes.  Some twirled like ballerinas.  Some did ninja moves.  Some cartwheeled.

One kids said, “I can show you something, but I need another person.”  I volunteered & he leap-frogged over me.

One kid did the robot, one kid moonwalked.

A few said, “uh-uhh”, and just took the one free piece.

Friends, it was FUN.

Even the parents got into it.  One asked what I did for a living.  When I told her I used to teach middle school, but now I’m a stay-at-home mom, she just nodded knowingly.  Not sure if that was a “that’s why you’re so awesome” nod, or a “that’s why you’re so crazy” nod.  Maybe a little of both. One can hope. 😉

Our neighbors were out, and their 7th grade son decided he too needed to do something… so I was treated to the weirdest middle school dance moves ever.  As a typical 7th grade boy, he also wanted to try one of the dog treats.  Yep.   Apparently they aren’t “bad”, but they also aren’t “good”!

There was much laughter, and much encouragement.

I loved talking to kids and helping them find something that makes them different or special.  Even if it was the ability to jump up high, or flare their nostrils.  It was great.  I hope they left our driveway feeling loved; feeling like they ARE special.

Next year, I’m going to start planning sooner.  It was such a fun night, and a great way for my family to hang out together.

giant tub o' treats
giant tub o’ treats
Playing on the driveway.  A little Air1 radio going in the background...
Playing on the driveway. A little Air1 radio going in the background…

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