I cannot make this stuff up. Not even if I tried. Part 1.

I’ve decided to keep a running total of thing my kids say or do that make me either laugh, roll my eyes,  or smile just because they are so sweet.  I’ll let it get up to 5, then I’ll post & restart the list.

At least, that’s the plan.

As I’ve learned today, the best laid plans often go wildly awry.


1.  A Dave Ramsey Moment

Me:  “Brady, will you take this to recycling for me?”

Brady (age 3):  “Will I get my commission for that?”

**note:  Hubby & I are doing Dave Ramsey right now, so my kids are earning “commissions” for their work around the house.  Apparently this concept of getting shiny quarters for a job well done has sunk in even to the 3 year old level.**


2. Super Duper…

Whenever Brady needs to poop, he lays on the couch, bed, floor, my lap… all with his tush stuck up in the air.  he hates pooping.  With a  passion.  I don’t know why, but he does.

Today he was exhibiting all of the tell-tale signs of needing to poop, so, as usual, I carried him kicking and screaming (literally) to the bathroom, pried his fingers off of the door jamb, wiggled his shorts & underwear off & sat him on the toilet.  A few minutes later it was quiet, so I went in to check on the progress.  He was pooping, and after the first (of several… how does he DO that?!?) poops plopped in the toilet bowl, he started singing…

“I’m a super duper POOPER!!!”



3.  Car Trip Conversations

Today the following quotes were heard in the car…

Rachel: “I don’t want to get married because then you have to kiss someone on the LIPS!  GROSS!!!!!”

Your father & I approve of this attitude.  Keep it up as long as possible.

Rachel:  “Did you know we are MAMMALS???”

This of course led to a discussion about the characteristics of mammals.  Topics such as giving birth in a bathtub, and babies biting their nursing mothers came up.  Excellent discussion.

Eli:  “I’m going to save up all my money, and when I’m bigger I’m going to buy a MOTORCYCLE!!!”

Ummm, yeah.  That may be one of those, once-you’re-not-under-our-roof kind of things.  I have nothing against motorcycles, but I don’t like the idea of my teenage son riding one!


4.  Random “I love you’s” are the best

Overheard today at breakfast…

Eli: *out of the blue* “Rachel, I love you”

These sweet sibling moments are the ones that remind me why I had more than one child.  I want them to love each other. I want them to care about each other.  At times, it seems like the bickering and tattling will conquer, but then I see a glimpse of it and know it’s still there.


5.  Gender Equality

We got (yet another) American Girl catalog in the mail today.  Good grief, people.  We get it.  Every American girl needs an “American Girl”.  I told Rachel that another catalog arrived because she, like all other 7 year old girls I know, loves looking through it and making her “wish list”.  *WISH* list.

As she cheered for the arrival of another book ‘o things to look through, Brady (age 3) calmly questioned…

“What about the American boys??”




2 Comments on “I cannot make this stuff up. Not even if I tried. Part 1.”

  1. Um, WE get the American Girl catalogs. Really? Not every American BOY needs an American Girl doll!!!

    These are great.

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