finding JOY

This morning, I had had it.  You know, when you reach the point where you are just tired trying to do it all yourself?  I was there.  Actually, I’ve been there for a few days.

The solution?

Time with my best Friend.

He’s not the kind of friend that will tell me I’m awesome just to make me feel better.  He’s not the kind of friend who will indulge my emotional venting and pat me on the back.

He’s the kind of Friend that listens, and speaks Truth.

To hear the voice of the Lord.  To know that THIS is why the baby came.  THIS is why the angels rejoiced.  THIS is why the wise men bowed.

All for us.  All so that one day, death would be vanquished.

I have the ability to run to my Friend and pour out my heart, confess where I know I’ve sinned and accept grace like a desert accepts a sudden rainfall… because of the baby in the manger.

Today the Lord used a passage in the book of Ezekiel to speak to me, to breath life in to me.

The prophet is hearing from the Lord, and he gets a visual of a lifetime.

God shows Ezekiel a valley of dried up, deader-than-dead bones.  He then tells Ezekiel to prophesy to the BONES and tell them that they will come to life.

And… they DID.

They God tells Ezekiel to prophesy breath into the bodies, and he DOES.

My God has the unique ability to breath life into nothing, and make the nothing ALIVE.

And that is what I needed today.

A fresh breath.

A renewing of life in my culturally-hardened heart.

It’s possible to become so…

anti-politically correct,

anti-Elf on the Shelf,

anti-“happy holidays”

that we become anti-Joy.

Anyone with me on that??

The thief comes to kill and destroy, and as a friend of mine pointed out earlier this week… one of the favorite times of year for the Enemy to destroy joy is the season when we have so much to be joyful about!

The baby has come!

The King has been born!

I hate people posting their dumb Elf on the Shelf pictures!

**which of these things is not like the other??**

If a valley of dry bones can come to life, I can too.  I don’t have to be a slave to my emotions.  The roller coaster is just too much.

I can have Joy.

I have JOY!

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