winds of change, they are a-blowin’!

Ohhhh… y’all.

If ONLY I had a week to write everything that is on my heart right now!

If ONLY you had a week to read everything I would write!

Sadly, the week in question does not exist for either of us, so I’m keeping this post short, sweet, and suspiciously cryptic.


Yep!  We’re doing it!  Next school year our boys will attend the amazing Christian school that we’ve been with, but our daughter will come home for her 3rd grade year.

It has nothing to do with the school,

it has everything to do with timing.  God’s time, that is.  I’ve always wanted to homeschool, but there have always been factors that assured us that the “now” back then was not the right time.  Well, things have changed, and when Hubs said that he was on board for the year-long experience, I knew that was the go-ahead I had been praying for!

Pray for us, bloggy friends!  While I am excited, I know there will be a lot of changes and adjustments to be made.

On top of THAT… there are other things happening!

Sadly for you… those things are staying off the World Wide Web… at least for now.  😉

I expect that in a few weeks I’ll be ready to share about one of them… maybe both.

*are you just DYING to know???*

Too bad.

Much love until later!

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