a new place to call home (part III of IV)

I honestly thought that we’d be in this house for a while.  Probably a long while.  We love the area, we’re super close to church and many conveniences.  However, deep down was the desire to eventually get out of the two-story and back into a single level.

What do I love about where we’re at?

Like I said… location, location, location.

As a bonus, we have some really nice neighbors! (the kind that roll your trashcan right up to the garage door on those super cold days for you!)

This house was literally an answer to prayer for us.  We needed to move, we had a firm price we were not willing to go above.  The neighborhood we loved had prices that were at least 20,000 above our price point if we went with pre-built. We actually found a spec home that was already in the process of being built, and were able to get in to a new home, in a great neighborhood, at the price point we desired. The Lord was so gracious in this provision, and it has been a good place to call home for us.

What do I love about where we’re going?

It’s only 6 miles away from where we’re currently at, so we maintain much of the conveniences we already had (and… BONUS… I’ll be closer to Target!)

We will be living on a cul-de-sac with larger lots which means my children can run around outside & ride bikes & the such without the worries I have now living on a busier street in the ‘hood that slopes downhill!

The single story!  I LOOOOOOVE that the kids new playroom will be adjacent to the kitchen!  I know that there are those out there that like to have space between them & the kids at play, but I am not one of them!  I have missed being nearer to them as I do most of my work downstairs, and in our current house the upstairs is the “play zone”.

I could go on about the things I love about the new house… but the bottom line is this:  there is no way that this move would be happening except for the move of God.

Sometimes I wonder “why?”  Why NOW?  Why not last year when we were contemplating this?  Why not 5 years from now?

And that question, friends, has no answer.  At least, I have no answer!  I’m quite sure the sovereign God of the universe is well-aware of this move, and (dare I say it?) has even orchestrated all of the tiny moving parts to make it happen.

Personally?  I feel like it’s for a purpose.

And what better thing to live out a holy purpose?


2 Comments on “a new place to call home (part III of IV)”

  1. One of the things that I required when we were looking for a house was that it was a single story house. My grandparents are still alive and I knew they could not really climb a lot of steps. David’s parents both have health issues. I wanted my family to be comfortable coming in and out of my home and I didn’t want to exclude someone. We have a sunroom attached to the dining room, kitchen and garage. There is a little window from the kitchen that looks in to the sunroom and out the back door. When we first bought the house, I thought hmmm… that is a cute little window. Now I TOTALLY get the value of that window. I can let W play in the sunroom while I watch dishes and watch him the whole time. I totally get it and I am soo happy for you guys!!

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