I cannot make this stuff up… Part 2

Here are the next 5  (actually 6) crazy things that have been heard around the house.  For the first five, click here.

This set actually ended up being all Brady-isms.  Age 3 has been a good year for random funnies from him!

1.  Ninjas

Dad:  “Brady, do you know you have a LOT of energy??”


*sigh* If only I had a teaspoon of that energy for myself!

2.  Right on Target

Today Brady told me he wished there was a Target in our neighborhood.
I kinda agree.

3.  Bats

All three of my children love learning about animals.  We have a lot of books that explain animal lives, physiology, etc…

Today while I was driving, Brady said (quite urgently) from the backseat, “Mom!”

I asked, “what?”

He responded, “you know, bats have skin instead of feathers.”

Quite a fountain of random information…

4.  Boys will be Boys…

The other day I told Brady to choose a stuffed animal that he wanted to take with him for nap time.  He came back with his Larry the Cucumber.  He was walking with it held between his knees. (I bet you can all tell where this is going!)

“Mom!  Look!  I have a loooooong wee-wee!!!”

Seriously?  *sigh*  I don’t know where they pick this stuff up, but everyone assures me that this obsession with the bits & pieces is totally a normal boy thing.

FYI – I did let him know that it is not appropriate to do that, nor to talk about the length of his wee-wee. 😉

5.  I have a brudder!

Brady has a little friend that he plays with regularly when we are at the gym.  He already knew this little boy (Stetson), because Stetson’s brother is in Rachel’s class at school.

Yesterday he told me, “I have a brudder.  His name is Stetson. And I love him a lot.”

So CUTE!  No, Stetson is not your “brudder”, but it’s sweet to see him getting to an age when he makes connections with friends!

6.  A new haircut.

Brady finally got his mop-top cut last week.  It was beyond time for it, and we ended up going with a little boy haircut since his curls are slowly growing out. (boo hoo!)

He checked himself out later on and told me, “My hair looks like Elliot’s (another friend)!  I need to go to Elliot’s house so he can tell me I look awesome!”

*note to self: work on modeling humility a little more…*

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