the Complaint Factor

Perhaps there will be several similarities between pregnancy and adoption the further we get in to it all… but for now, one striking similarity stands out.

The Complaint Factor

You know what I’m talking about, especially if you have experienced pregnancy before.

Let me set the stage for those who may not jive with this likeness.

The anticipation… the desire to have a baby, to be pregnant, to experience the joy of motherhood in this specific way…

and then morning sickness hits,

or the veins in your leg start to swell,

or you have weird cravings and even weirder food aversions…

Enter the Complaint Factor…

This thing, this experience you have been so excited to go through is now MARRED by reality.

Adoption, my friends, is similar.

I was SO ready, SO excited, SO filled with anticipation for what it would be like when we were finally able to begin the process.

And thennnnnn, reality hit.

Paperwork, headaches (literally. my eyes don’t like computer screens!), hunting down information and dealing with states that don’t have online birth certificate ordering processes in place.

Questions, phone calls, emails, going through the amount of money we set aside faster than I can blink.

My brain is a-whirlin’, friends.  Like a tornado of thoughts and “to-do’s” just spinning and spinning around.

The temptation to succumb to the Complaint Factor is mighty.

And yet… in the back of my mind, I remember…

Every day is one day closer.

Every day is a gift.

Every experience, every piece of paperwork, every minute spent hunting down all of the documents we need…

they are a BLESSING.

Because SHE is a blessing, wherever she is.

SHE is waiting for us.  Waiting for the paperwork to be finished.  Waiting for the document hunt, and the meetings, and the phone calls, and the payments to be made.

And WE are waiting for HER.  Waiting for the fourth child that will make us a family of six.  Waiting to see her face.  Waiting to hug her and love her and bring her into our home.

And that knowledge is keeping the Complaint Factor at bay.

That, and the fact that Jesus is a pretty good listener. 🙂

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