what’s in a name?





And yes, I do think that statement is worthy of all caps.  I do. 🙂

Matt and I have been discussing (even before we started paperwork) our list of potential names for our daughter.  We knew we would most likely keep her Chinese name as her middle name, but we wanted to give her a new name as well.  Besides the deeper, more spiritual reasons that exist, as a mother, one of the more exciting parts of having a new child is choosing their name.  Such a significant thing!

Without further ado, here it is:


I was insistent on having “Anne” as her name, or as a part of her name.  Anne means “gracious” or “merciful”, both characteristics I pray our daughter joyfully exhibits.

Beyond that, Anne is a special name to me because it is my Grandma’s name.  Although spelled slightly differently (Ann), my Grandma is a woman of God who truly does live out a life of grace and mercy.

This grandmother is the mother of my biological father.  When my mom and he divorced, my grandmother, and others on that branch of the family tree, could have easily slowly drifted out of my life.  But, they didn’t.  She remained in contact, and even considers my other siblings (that are not blood relatives to her) to be family.  Because of her contact, and the love I have always known she had for me, I have been able to make contact with other members of that side of the family.  It has been significant for me to know these folks, and I think it has been significant for them, as I am the only child their brother had (he passed away 17 years ago this month).

My Grandma is a giver.  She gives of resources, and she gives of time.  The most precious gift of time she gave was to my Grandpa as he suffered through Parkinson’s disease.  She cared for him, moved with him to an assisted living facility, and was with him every day until the day the Lord chose for him to be united with Him in Heaven arrived.

Watching my Grandma put aside her desires and spend her days giving to and caring for my Grandpa is something I will never forget.  I pray I grow to be that kind of person more each day; a person who loves others more than they love themselves.  I also pray that our newest daughter will learn of my Grandma’s heart and will be honored by being named after her.

It’s official, y’all.  We have a name.

My Grandma (Ann) and my Grandpa (who now has the joy of being with his Creator EVERY moment)
My Grandma (Ann) and my Grandpa (who now has the joy of being with his Creator EVERY moment)

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