I cannot make this stuff up. Not even if I tried. Part 3.

A post full of Eli-isms.  That boy really can come up with the most adult/random/funny things to say.  What’s best is that he always says these things in the most serious of tones…

1.  Worldy-Wise

Brady: talking to Eli about something random

Eli:  “Brady, you just don’t understand very much about the world yet.

Yes, and at the ripe old age of 6, Eli clearly DOES understand the world… 😉

2.  Speaking Truth in Love

Eli and Brady conversing and Eli responds to one of Brady’s comments with a

You’re just saying that because you’re tired.

Truth.  Of course, not necessarily truth taken well by the tired 3 year old Brady…

3. One day…

Today Brady and Eli were talking about their ages.  Brady just turned 4, and he is rather proud of telling everyone he sees about that.

Brady:  “But I’m FOUR now!

Eli: (very matter-of-fact)  “Well, I’m six.  But one day, I’ll die.”

I suppose that’s true, but what 6 year old talks about death like it’s no big deal?  Maybe one that knows where he’s goin’ after his body dies?!? 🙂

4. Birds

Today Brady was talking about how he wished he could be a bird.

Eli responded: “Birds don’t have Jesus in their hearts, you know.”

5.  Just a cutie, isn’t he???

love this cutie!
love this cutie!


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