my apologies, but…

my brain, y’all.  My brain is working at crazy high capacity.

It really is difficult to understand this adoption insanity unless you have been through it.  I know that.

So, please bear with me.

Please know that I WANT to have the correct answer to simple questions, but I have thoughts of my daughter always at the front of my mind.

I WANT to show up on time to things, I do!  But sometimes I get lost in paperwork and time gets lost too.

I WANT to have other normal adult conversations, but my mind is constantly processing the next step in our acronym dance (HS, PA, LOI, DTC, LID, LOA, TA, etc…)

I WANT to participate in activities, but I also want the thing I volunteer to do to be done well.  And really, at this point, I know it wouldn’t be.

I WANT to be able to focus well all of the time, but the rescue of a child halfway across the world is always there.

We are moving along in our process to get Julianne.  We have finished our home study visits, and are getting near to being finished with all of the documents needed for the home study packet & review.

Then, it will be on to the dossier.

Every day is one day closer.

Today is Day 46 since we sent in our agency application.

How many more until Julianne Day?


Too many.  That’s all I know.  Toooo many.


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