Why International? Why China?


In the past 51 days, we’ve had a number of responses from people when they find out that we are adopting.

Most folks are really excited.  Some are surprised.  Some react in ways I wouldn’t have foreseen.

Yes, there are those people… the ones who immediately jump to

“Why did you choose international when there are so many kids here that need families?”

It’s true.  There is a huge group in the United States in need of families.  I am very aware of the need for foster parents and adoptive parents HERE.  A way long time ago I even did a little research for the area we live in.  Problem was, I never felt the Call.  You know, when you absolutely know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are making the right decision.  I have seen the beauty in foster care and adoption.  I personally have 2 nieces adopted out of the foster system.  I also have 2 sisters and 1 brother that were domestically adopted (two from foster care).

I LOVE the hearts of these foster families.  They have a HIGH CALLING, and they answer that call with humility, dignity and grace on a daily basis.

We just aren’t one of them.

There was never a doubt in our hearts or minds that we would adopt internationally, that we would adopt from China.

We.  Just. Knew.

Our daughter is there.  She is waiting for us.

And though we didn’t know until recently, our family has been waiting for her too.

There was peace about our decision, and we have seen the Lord direct our steps in a way that has confirmed this path for us.

There are so many children all over the world in need of families.  What makes kids in another country less worthy of a family than kids here?  Certainly the Lord sees them all the same!  

Ultimately, we chose international adoption, we chose China because  any other choice would have been outside of the plan the Lord has for us.  He led us there, and He did it because our daughter is there.

On a practical level… there are many reasons why China was the right country for us to adopt from.  China has a very streamlined program, and the timelines they give are true.  We knew that the stability of the government would maintain the stability of the program, which would relieve any concerns about massive timeline changes.  We knew that when we went to get her, we would only be required a 14 day (or so) stay in country.  Since we already have 3 young children, a country that required weeks and weeks, or more than one visit was not what we felt was best for us.

I know there will ALWAYS be people who disagree, who will make the not-so-subtle comments about my dark-haired child with a blonde-haired mother.  I know it will happen.  And it will break my heart.  BUT… I can’t help that.  All I can do is trust the Lord, and educate those willing to be educated about the beauty of my family.

If you are called to adopt… trust that wherever your call is, that your child is there too.  Asia, Africa, South America, or right here in the United States.

The call to adopt is beautiful and redemptive.  Location doesn’t matter.







6 Comments on “Why International? Why China?”

  1. Whatever you do, where you do it, do it well. I wonder why people think it matters so much which parentless child you choose? In the end, you are taking care of a child who needs you more than anything. And that . . . that is wonderful.

  2. I think the thing is that…
    people don’t think!
    I’m just as guilty at times… words coming out of my mouth when I know nothing about the subject matter. I believe this is the case for most who have trouble understanding why we chose China. 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

  3. Well . . . more people should think. Of course, I realize it’s more difficult than all of that . . . but I’m tired of explaining to my respite kids why adults are so rude. Alas, the work continues . . .

  4. True true. A lot of grace and a lot of patience is needed! A perfect world would be a lovely thing. But alas…
    My parents are still involved with fostering; they take emergency placements, mainly older kids. It has been eye-opening to see some of what goes on in the fostering system. Those sweet kiddos… my heart breaks for them too. Every kid deserves a (stable) home and a (loving) family.

  5. Indeed. If my time in foster care taught me anything it’s that a few ‘good men’ can change anything, including a flawed system and the people who look upon it.
    Good luck with your adoption from China, may your process be quick and smooth.

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