We are moving along in the home building process!  This morning is our pre-drywall walk-through.  That basically means that we’ll go through the house as it is, make sure that all is good, and then they start throwing the drywall up!

It’s a big “next step”.

Although we did this (very) last minute, Matt and I wanted to have a time when we could write scripture on the studs before the are covered up.  Something comforting about knowing that your home has the WORD at its core.

We threw out the idea to some friends and family, and a few were able to join us (again… VERY last minute!) to bless our new home.

Here are just a FEW of the pictures I took.  This was such a special experience for us.  We pray that the Lord, who has orchestrated this whole house/move thing from the beginning will be glorified in the goings-on of the home.




my blog verse… my life verse!




And lastly… perhaps my favorite one because it is so STINKIN’ sweet!  At the very end of the evening, Eli called us over to show us what he wrote.

Eli, Daddy, Mommy, Rachel, Brady, and Julianne


I wish I could have put all of the pictures into this post, but I took way too many to do that.  We are blessed.  Not because we have a new house, but because we have family and friends that love us.  We are blessed because we are loved by a God that allows us to use the things we have to be a blessing to others.

We are ridiculously excited to make new memories in this house.





4 Comments on “blessings”

  1. Thanks! It’s something we do when we help build homes in Mexico with our church as well. We loved the idea there, and decided we’d do it should we ever have the opportunity. It really was an amazing time, and great encouragement.

  2. Thanks! Today when we were walking through it all I realized just how many scriptures we have covering our home. It WAS beautiful. 🙂

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