Today I’m going to talk a bit about the Chosen Marathon for Adoption!

Adoption is not a cheap venture.  We knew this going in to our adoption, and finances is part of why we waited until we did to start our process.

We knew we wanted to be debt-free before starting this process.

We knew we wanted to have at least 1/2 of the total cost saved.

As soon as those two goals were accomplished, we started our paperwork.  And we began to see the dollars exit our bank account with impressive speed!

The Chosen Marathon for Adoption is a unique fundraiser.   Fundraising is not my favorite thing in the world, never has been.  Even as a Girl Scout I would wait until the day before our cookie money was due to try to sell cookies.

I. Hate. Fundraising.

The Chosen is different.  Yes, it’s a “fundraiser”.  But it’s also interactive.  It calls not just for money, but for dedication, and determination, and a willingness to be a part of our adoption story in a different way.

I first learned about this race two years ago when I signed up to run for some friends.  I ended up not being able to run because of knee trouble that happened a few weeks before the race day.  Super disappointing!

I still went out to the race, and my kids ran in the Fun Run.  It was the coolest atmosphere!  All of these people there for one purpose, to support adoptive families, and help bring orphans into families.

I get teary thinking about it.


Last year I ran it.  This time for a different family, and I completed the half marathon in 2 hours and 40 minutes.  Not too shabby for a then 33 year old women who only trained up to the 7 mile mark!

As a history major, this kinda bothered me.  Whatever happened in 1482 has been overshadowed by 1492… ;)
As a history major, this kinda bothered me. Whatever happened in 1482 has been overshadowed by 1492… 😉


This year, WE have a team!  

Because WE are adopting!  

Because WE have a daughter halfway across the world that is waiting for us.

Because WE need to raise the other 1/2 of the money we will need to pay to get her!

So, if you are a runner, or if you’re not, hear me out!

We want YOU to be on our team!  We will cheer you on during training between now and October 25th!  We will hold you accountable on long-run days, and we will rejoice in knowing that you are a part of our family’s story now in this crazy awesome way.

Need a little more incentive?  Remember this face?  You can be a part of her story.  🙂

The most adorable three-year-old I know… and she is OURS!!!
The most adorable three-year-old I know… and she is OURS!!!

Direction to Register:

1.  Go to

2.  Click on the tab that says “Run and Help”

3.  Click on “Races” in that tab.

4.  Scroll down to “New Braunfels, Texas”, and click on “view details”

5.  Scroll down to the button that says “Register”, and click on it.

6.  Click on the big “Register Online” button.

7.  You will need to submit your information, and choose which race you are running (full or half marathon).

8.  After you submit this page, you will go to the next page where you will do a few things, INCLUDING CHOOSING A TEAM!

**If you choose San Antonio as your pick-up location, I can pick-up your race packet for you!**

9.  Choose “Jogging for Julianne” as your team.  When you do this, our family will receive your entrance fee to help with the cost of Julianne’s adoption!

10.  The next page deals with race donations.  You can skip this page.  We did not do a fundraising page here.

11. You’re almost there!  Answer a few more questions, and then you’ll pay & be finished!




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