This is what happens when you iron your kids’ clothes.

So much rambling around in my head today.  So hear goes one of the most disjointed posts I have ever written.

Disjointed… and not disjointed.

Lots going on.

But all one Mover.  And all working for my good.


I really love my kids!  We’ve been just the 4 of us this weekend with Dad being on a mission trip.  It has been a chance to really be taught what servanthood looks like.  When I SERVE them rather than just try to make it through until Dad comes home… life in this house is DIFFERENT.  It’s still crazy.  But it’s GOOD.


God speaks in really weird ways sometimes.


Today I was ironing some kid clothing before church.  I was in a bit of a hurry, so I didn’t re-fill the iron with water to create steam.  As a result, I got through Eli’s shirt and shorts, and half of Rachel’s dress before realizing that this wasn’t good enough.  If I’m going to iron, it needs to look like I have ironed!

I re-filled the water, and re-ironed the clothing.  Amazing how much better a job the iron did with water in it.

I’m too much like the iron.  I try to do things, and think I’m doing good because,

Hey! At least I see the wrinkles and I attack them to begin with!

But it’s not enough.  It’s not enough to do a job without a Filling.

I can fight the wrinkles, but the Holy Spirit is the great smoother of wrinkles.

No fighting, no battling, just smoothing.

I want to be a filled up iron.

I want to be a filled up Daughter.

Filling comes through the Word and time in the Word.


I have some really amazing friends.  They speak truth.  They love.  They know their value in Christ and are comfortable reminding me of mine.


Sometimes I say stupid things.

Sometimes I write stupid things.

They are not coming from a  place of being Filled.

They are the iron trying to fight the wrinkles with a dry water tank.


I really love this song right now.  I listen to it every time I’m in the car… and it has made it on to my worship favorites playlist.

I can’t find it on Youtube or in video format.  But really.

Go to iTunes.

Find You Make Me Brave by Bethel Worship.

Scroll down to “I Belong to You”.


Play on repeat.


Last thought for now, and trust me.  I’m cutting it short just for you!  I’ve got some serious pruning going on.

No, I’m not eating prunes.

No, I’m not gardening. (Although, I do sincerely hope the green thumb I’ve always wanted is waiting for me at our next house!)

I am being pulled and stretched and prepared for the the Lord has for me.

And sometimes it’s not fun.  Sometimes it hurts.  Sometimes it feels like the last thing I really WANT to do.

And yet, I DO want it.

The crazy tug of war in my soul NEEDS Jesus and what he is doing in me.

He is GOOD.


He is KIND.

He is HOLY.


He is MINE & I am HIS.



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