Worship Journaling

Everybody is busy.

Everyone has a packed schedule…

or at least, that’s how it seems right now!

I remember the days before I had children in school, and how full those days were.  I never anticipated the ramping up of intensity that would occur once they were in school!  I mean, you think as a stay-at-home-mom I would be able to find a little quiet time, a little “down” time.


And, I love it.

Because of the schedule craziness, and the sheer amount of activity and volume in the house all day long, I started having my quiet-ER time with Jesus early in the morning.  I used to call it my quiet time, but I realized that was limiting the time.  I try to see my whole day as time with Jesus… just at 5am, it’s much quiet-ER. 🙂

But at 5am, sometimes my brain doesn’t function well.

Even with coffee!

On those mornings when I feel a sluggish start, when my mind keeps hopping out of the Word and into the To-Do List, I worship journal.

Not sure if that’s an official term already, but it is now.

I put my worship music playlist on random shuffle.  I plug in my earbuds, and I listen.

I listen with a pen in my hand, and my journal in front of me.

And I write.

If I hear a lyric that speaks to my heart, I write it down.

If I hear a word of praise that moves me, I let that be a jumping off point for a prayer.

If I hear something that reminds me of a Scripture, I look it up and write it down and give praise.

Worship Journaling, for me, takes listening to a song to a deeper level.  

It takes it to interpretation, it takes it to a place where I not just the receiver, but I am giving back at the same time.

Maybe this happens to you some days?

Maybe you struggle with keeping your mind focused on the Lord?

Maybe when your house is completely quiet it feels strange… too strange? 🙂

Try it out… find some WORSHIP music, and go for it!

I have found that songs that are a little repetitive work very well for this.  It gives my brain time to process the words and my heart time to respond to them.

Need a jumping off point?

Try this one.  We did this exact practice last night during Life Group… I love so many songs, but felt that this was the right one for last night.

It’s a big thing to say “it is well with my soul”. 

Can you say that?

Are your mind, your will, and your emotions really, truly, actually… WELL?

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