catching up

Blogging has been relegated to the back burner for a few weeks because, let’s face it.  As much as I love blogging, and as much I am SURE you LOVE reading my posts…

it’s just not my priority right now.

Other things are.

Things like Kindergarten graduation (and please, spare the thoughts and comments about how our society over-does graduation.  I agree.  But it’s still awfully cute when it’s your kid.) 🙂

Eli K5 Graduation 3


The week after Eli’s graduation, we had Elementary Awards.  Our girl got the top grades her in 2nd grade class this year, entitling her to the “Star Student” of the Year award.  She was so excited!  Here’s a glimpse of the jog she took up to the stage. 🙂



Once school was out… it was time to ENJOY THE SUMMER!!!

And… PACK!

The two are not mutually exclusive, as you might assume.

I put the Three to work.





Of course, when you give a kid a box and tell them to pack their own stuff… you never know what kind of combination you’ll end up with.

It’s a mystery box.

Which will be fun when they get to open them again in a month or so!






This summer I have determined that my kiddos need to experience summer vacations the way I used to.

A lot of play.

A lot of outside.

A lot of imagination.

Today, when left to their own devices, they proved they CAN do it.

Behold… the tri-room FORT!!!



I love the “front door” effect created by the desk and flower pot…



And… what fort is complete without a FRONT DOOR?!?




And, of course, there has been lots of Hot Wheels, Monster Trucks, and the such in the mix every day.  I gave up on putting these away.



Week One of summer vacation has flown by!

We topped off today by sending off a big packet of paperwork to our adoption agency!

I have a “gut” feeling that we will travel in early February next year.  I feel it may actually be a God-feeling, but the only way to know is to find out our travel dates, and we’re a long ways off from that.  But if you are the praying type… pray with me!  I have felt for a while that I would be spending my next birthday in China.  My birthday is February 10th.  I had a dream in which we got Julianne on February 8th.

And, I don’t take these dreams lightly.

More on that in a later post.

Happy Summer, Y’all!!!







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