Photograpy Friday

This week.

Wow.  Can’t believe it’s Friday.

First week back to school, which included a LOT of changes!

My littlest is off to K4 this year.  We didn’t K4 outside of the home at all with the oldest, and with the middle we only did 3 days a week.  This little Hurricane is there all 5 days.  It’s good for him, and he LOVES it!  He THRIVES on structure, and he’s getting plenty of it!




And then, there’s this one!  What ever has happened to my cuddly, sweet second-born?  He has GROWN UP, y’all!  Like, big time!  He’s a 1st grader this year, and is ridiculously excited about learning how to be a great reader.  He doesn’t say “good” reader, he says, “great” reader.




And then, there’s Miss Rachel.  We’re taking a break from traditional schooling this year to get some extra one-on-one time before Julianne joins us sometime next semester.  She’s loving the homeschool life so far, and is thriving in the freedom to read books on the couch, do math on the computer, and have PE time at the neighborhood pool.




Last, but certainly NOT least, we had one of those sweet blessings of a non-traditional adoption update!  Can I just say, I love Facebook sometimes?  The connections that it has allowed me to make have been so great.  This week a family traveled to pick up their sweet girl, and while they were there, they were able to catch a few pictures and a video *hurray!* of OUR sassy girl!  Makes my heart SO happy to see her little face, and to know that we are getting one day closer to Gotcha with every day that passes.  We’re currently waiting for our Letter of Acceptance, which can be a difficult wait.  It’s rather lengthy, and I’m ready, like, yesterday, to have her home. Pray for us, because I know this will be a hard wait.  There’s lessons to be learned, though, and that’s what I want to focus on.  Not the wait, but the preparation that the Lord has for us during the wait.




What a week!

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