Awesome August

August was an awesome month in our adoption journey.  We hit several major milestones this month, which makes it definitely a month worthy of its own post.

Milestone #1:  DTC

When we began this adoption journey, I kept having flashbacks to my time as an Air Force brat.  The abbreviations!  Dear heavens, THE ABBREVIATIONS!!!

Just like in military lingo, there is an abbreviation to every milestone, or so it seems.  I’m happy to report that several months into this process, I have become quite adept at speaking Adoptionese.

Adoptionese:  noun.  Language in which people convey what part of the adoption process they are in via the use of abbreviated verbiage.  May vary from country to country.  

So, DTC, otherwise known as “Dossier To China”.

This is the stage in which all of the paperwork we have been compiling finally gets bundled up and sent to China.

We were told the wait between being DTC and our next milestone was approximately 1-3 weeks.

Milestone #2:  LID

LID, or “Log In Date”, is when the Chinese government lets you know that your information is in their system, and is on its way to being translated.  Typical wait to get this notification, like I said, is 1-3 weeks. We got ours in 6 days.



Our LID came on Day 203 of this whole journey.

I have a calendar that I number the days on.  The reason?  Pretty simple.

I don’t have a baby book for Julianne, and I never will.  I won’t know how old she was when she cut her first tooth, or when she started smiling.  These things break my Mama-heart, but I find true peace in knowing that she was never a moment in her life without the Lord watching her.

I will know when we got our pre-approval, when we saw her face for the first time, and when our paperwork for her was processed.  These are the things I will document for her, so that one day, when she asks, I have something to show her about how loved she was before we knew her.

Milestone #3:  I-797 update

Since we moved after our home study was completed, we had to do an updated home study.  We go the official notification in the mail, which is good since it will be used later on down the road.

Milestone #4:  Updates!

This was such a fun milestone, partially because it was unexpected, and partially because I just. plain. needed. it.

Adoption is a waiting game, and sometimes the waiting is difficult.  And ya know what, Jesus knows about that. And He is kind, and gracious, and the Great Provider.

Sometimes, the provision is prayer with a  friend.  Sometimes the provision is reading a scripture that just speaks to and calms my heart.  Sometimes the provision is a song.

This time, the provision was a video, and pictures!

I loved seeing them, and it hurt a little, too.  She’s getting bigger, and growing up, and I’m not there to see it, and sometimes that is hard to know.

But, she’s also growing, and getting bigger, which is GREAT to know!  She looks well cared for, which makes this Mama’s heart happy.

We also got to see a little more of her personality in the video, and can I just say, this little Miss Sassy is going to fit right in with the rest of her siblings. 🙂

See those hands on her hips?  I told you!  Little Miss Sassy!  I love it!

Some of the pictures reminded me of her EB, as well.  Gotta be honest, I think about the EB part of her homecoming a good bit.


You can see a little bit of it here, although the long sleeves and long pants are surely there to help protect her skin as much as possible.

See those cute little toes? *sigh*  Too sweet.

The really great thing is that it’s not stopping her from being a kid.  And maybe that’s the lesson I needed to learn from this.  I’ve been worried about what things will look like…

Should we get a trampoline, or will it just be a disaster for her?

What types of clothing/shoes will she need?  Y’all, I LITERALLY have a list running of online stores that sell soft, EB friendly clothing!  I’m just waiting till our final update with sizes before getting anything!

What if I mess up her bandages or treatments?  Obviously, she’s going to survive.

Will she be able to play with her brothers and sister without getting hurt?  Yep.  She will.  Doesn’t mean she won’t get any boo-boos from it, but that’s okay.

In the meantime, I still prepare as much as possible.

Example:  this little Awesome August purchase…


Yep.  It’s a lovey for my Littlest Love.

Two of my three have had these lovies from Bunnies by the Bay.  They are so incredibly soft, and so when choosing a lovey for my little Butterfly, I HAD to go with them again.

As a bonus, this amazing company also has a Red Thread Collection.  A portion of each purchase from this collection goes to help Half the Sky, which works in orphanages in China to bring education and more resources.

I never realized this until I bought Julianne’s lovey!  How amazing that this company I have loved for years is supporting a cause that I will love forever!

If you’re in need of something for a baby gift, or for your own baby, definitely check them out!

So, see?

An Awesome August, indeed!  So thankful for this journey, and for the things the Lord is teaching me.  As we draw nearer to her, we also draw nearer to Him.


I will give thanks to the LORD with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonders.  

I will be glad and exult in You; I will sing praise to your name, O Most High.”

Psalm 9:1-2






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