Photography Friday: a pre-adoption “maternity” shoot!

I knew that at SOME point before we got Julianne, I wanted to do a family photography session, kind of a maternity session style.  I don’t have “belly pictures” of Julianne, and I never will.  Regardless, we wanted to document the waiting time, just like we documented the pregnancies with the first three.



It’s all a waiting game.


What I didn’t know about all of this was how perfectly it would turn out, and how blessed we would be to meet the photographer!  And so, I wanted to introduce her to you.

Meet Jenn.



She writes this about herself on her Facebook page:

Living with EB as a wife and mother of two, I am hoping to inspire and
encourage others to help reach their goals the way I have.

Jenn has the same skin condition that our Julianne has, and her two girls have it as well.  I am drawn to her because she has a wealth of knowledge concerning being the Mama of an EB butterfly, but also because she’s just a really nice person. 🙂

She and I met through a mutual friend.  Just so happens, that when my family moved this summer, I found out a former co-worker of mine lived on the next street over!  We became friends via Facebook, and when this friend saw me post about Julianne’s EB condition, she immediately messaged me…

Ok, I got your number! I need to come visit you. Just saw that you posted in the EB lounge, and I want to connect you with a friend of mine. She has EB and has two girls with it, she would love to meet you!

Jenn had also seen my FB post since it was in the public Epidermolysis Bullosa lounge…

Hi, all! We are in process to adopt an EB cutie sometime early next year. I wanted to join this group to start adding to my database of knowledge concerning EB, and what to expect when we have her home. 

So, we got connected.  And, wouldn’t you know??  She’s a photographer.  So when I saw her post about doing fall sessions, I knew that she was the one I wanted to have take our family pre-adoption pictures.  We messaged back and forth about ideas, set a date and time, and met up at a local park. (PS- when taking pictures with kids, feel free to use bribery to get them to behave.  In this case, the bribe was playtime at the park!)


It was so much fun to finally meet this new friend in person!  After the pictures were finished, we just stood around and talked about EB stuff.  Since it’s such a rare condition, there’s no one else I can ask questions to in person, and the Lord certainly blessed us by placing Jenn in our circle of friends!

Not to mention, we got some seriously cute pictures 🙂



For each one of my children, I have made a scrapbook of their first year.  I limit it to the first year because I was aware, even when we just had our first baby, that the chances of keeping up with it through age 18 was slim to none.  So, they all have their first year impeccably documented.  I’m planning on doing the same for Julianne.  True, she’ll be ages 4-5 rather than birth-1, but that’s okay.  It’s her first year with US, and she gets a scrapbook for it!

I’m so excited to have these pictures to put in her book… hmmm… might need to go ahead an get started on all of this… 😉

Can’t wait to have our little bundle of joy home with us!


I love all of these pictures, and love that one day Julianne will be able to look back and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was wanted so much.  We love her so much!  Even this morning, Brady, our current youngest, wistfully said while setting the table… “I wish Julianne was here now…”

Us too, buddy.  Us too.

For more information about Jenn’s photography, or her journey with EB, follow the links below!




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