my annual Halloween post… and it’s not what you would expect!

It’s no secret that Halloween is not my favorite.  I’ve spent many hours of lung power talking about my dislike of Halloween.  Two years ago, I blogged about Halloween here. Last year, we decided to change it up, and it was a raging success, as I documented here.

This year, we changed things up… AGAIN.

Because, really, what fun is there in doing the same thing every year?

Last year’s event was so awesome because, for the first time, Me & Halloween didn’t fight.  I saw it for what it was.  Evil in some ways (okay, many ways), yes.  But also, a chance to be a light for Jesus.  This year, we were in a new house, new neighborhood, new neighbors.  Unfortunately, we were also in a place that wasn’t going to be trick-or-treat friendly, and we knew it.  Our street is still mostly unfinished, and we knew that no one else was going to make it up the hill to see if the few completed houses were handing out candy. The event that worked so well last year wasn’t going to work this year, and soooo…

We went out.

You read that correctly.

We took our kids trick-or-treating.

And, I have to confess, it was a little weird for me.

I’ve been trick-or-treating maybe twice in my whole life, and I was too young to remember it!

My kids had NEVER been!

Matt had gone many times, so he was the “pro” in the family.

our first trick-or-treating!
our family is a little batty… 😉

We decided to use the night to have our very own Flashback Friday, and we drove the 6 miles over to our old neighborhood.  We stopped at the houses of people we knew, and had the chance to chat and catch up a little.  It. Was. Fun!

It was also pretty funny to watch.  The kids didn’t really know what to do.  Rachel hid behind a shrub once, and our normally shy-guy Eli turned out to be the brave one… oh the things we’ll do for candy?!? 😉 We skipped the houses that the kids deemed “spooky”, and we affirmed their decisions.

When we visited with our former across-the-street neighbors, he said,

“You said you would come back… and you did!  Not many people mean those things, you know…”

That right there would have made the experience worth it.  We came back.  We knew that they would be out handing candy out to kids, and we used it as a chance to re-connect.  And it meant something to them.  We don’t want to lose those relationships, but it’s hard with the busy schedules everyone has to keep them up.  This night was the perfect chance to make it happen.

As if that stop wasn’t enough, one of our stops also turned out to be pretty emotional.  At this house, the couple registered to run for our Jogging for Julianne team that ran the Chosen Marathon & Half-Marathon last weekend.  It was a great weekend, and Matt W. ended up placing in his age group!  He got second, although he should have gotten first.  He also came in 4th overall, but should have placed higher.  Why?  Because at the half-marathon turn around, he didn’t realize it was the turn-around, and ran another 3/4 mile.


He won 4th overall, and 2nd in age group… and ran 1.5 miles further than he was supposed to!


So, we get to their house, and he says he has something for us.  Really, for Julianne.  And he hands us these…


He said he wanted Julianne to have them.

One day, y’all.  One day our girl is not only going to know how much WE loved her, but how much OTHER people loved her, too.  And this is just a tangible way for her to hold on to that.  We are SO blessed to have people in our lives who are so supportive of her adoption.

BLESSED, y’all…  beyond what I can find words to describe.

Overall, a great Halloween.  We let our lights shine, even though we had to go elsewhere to do it.  Makes me wonder… what’s going to happen NEXT year?  I could have never predicted that this year would hold trick or treating in the books.


2 Comments on “my annual Halloween post… and it’s not what you would expect!”

  1. We are blessed also, that such a beautiful family is allowing us to share in the amazing journey to bring home Julianne! Thank you so much for making out night and our weekend! 🙂

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