a mini-adoption update!

Finally!  I finally have some good news to report!

At least once a day, a sweet friend asks if we have any news about our adoption process.  And, for the past 76 days, I haven’t.  Just waiting.  And waiting.  And then waiting a bit more.


Today, I have a (mini) update!

The paperwork we’re ultimately waiting for during this stretch is called the LOA (Letter Of Acceptance).  There are several mini-steps in this process, and our agency actually tells us when we have reached each of these.  *SO thankful for this!*

DTC (Dossier to China) – August 14th

LID (Log In Date)- August 20th

Translated- September 16th

Reviewed- November 3rd

Match Reviewed- ??

LOA- ??

Today we found out that our paperwork has been Reviewed!  Woohoo!  We still have to be Match Reviewed before LOA, but our case worker said sometimes, for whatever reason, this step is missed and you go straight to LOA.  The wait time between now and LOA should be much shorter than the wait we have already experienced.  I am thinking that by Thanksgiving, we should have our LOA.

Why am I sharing this tiny update?  Because of this…

I’ve been a little anxious.  Maybe somedays even a lot anxious.  I want so badly to be there as soon as possible to hold her in my arms, and every day is a little piece of misery.

Yesterday during the worship time in our church service, I gave it up.  Gave up the anxiety.  Let it go.  As I held my hands out, palms open, literally releasing this anxiety, I was reminded by the Lord of HIS good plan.

HE reminded ME of MY heart’s desire, which is to have her home before her March 2nd birthday.  This is still TOTALLY possible.

HE reminded ME of this dream, the timeline of which is still very possible.

HE is good.

HIS plans are perfect.

Adoption is rough, y’all.  And for those who have been through it, I know that the waiting is not even the roughest patch we may encounter!  But it is hard!  I was so patient, so, SO patient, and then all of the sudden, I crashed.  Patience only works when it’s the work of the Spirit.  The Spirit can only work when you keep things held loosely, hands open, palms up, releasing, releasing.

So, praise the Lord!  Our paperwork is moving through the system, and one day, we WILL be in China, and we WILL be holding Julianne.

All in His good time.


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