Photography Friday: the kitchen table

A couple of weeks ago I walked into my kitchen and saw the table looking a little like this.


This is pretty typical.  There is rarely a table surface in our house that doesn’t have some sort of project spread all over it.  My office table is generally covered in school and/or scrapbooking stuff.  Matt’s office table… well… let’s just say I haven’t seen the actual table top since we moved in & set it up.  The “nice” dining room table (complete with teeth marks from days gone by) is usually full of art work in the making.  Our actual kitchen table, the one pictured, has paint stains, and scratches and dings.

So, in honor of well-worn, well-loved kitchen tables around the world, I bring you:


We’ve got a random pile ‘o something or other.  Not even sure what this is.


We’ve got some school work going on.  Eli takes his corrections very seriously.


We’ve got a little Jesus going on…


And, of course, a large smattering of crayons. Because keeping them neat and orderly in the box is apparently not a genetic trait any of my children inherited from me. 😉


It may be a little messy most of the time, but it is a blessed mess.  I can honestly say (and mean it!) that I am happier with my messy table than I have ever been before.  Yes, every now and then I reach my limits and we have to have a clean-up.  But I wouldn’t trade the mess, or the kids that make them, for anything in the world.

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