In my car this evening, and I was the only one.  This experience is a rare one;  to just be me.  No kids.  No noise. No chatter.  Nothing.



I rounded a curve in the road and gasped because the moon was sitting there.  Huge and orange and  boldly just hovering to where I think if I had parked the car and gotten out, I may have been able to reach out and touch it.

The road continued, and I kept looking for the moon.  The road dipped and curved and hid the the thing my eye searched for from me, but then the road would take another curve, and the moon would be revealed and again I would stare in awe.

It was unexpected.  And that’s why it shocked me and thrilled me.  I was just enjoying the luxury of a noiseless car when it crossed my senses and jerked me out of my complacent ride.

Tonight, before the moon, I had been talking to some ladies.  We were reading in Isaiah and letting the Lord speak to us.  Because He does, you know, just like He spoke to Isaiah.  Still happens.  True story.

So we were talking, and I was overwhelmed by how completely unexpected Jesus was.  He was prophesied about over and over, and yet when he appeared on the earth, he was unexpected.

He has no stately form or majesty
That we should look upon Him,
Nor appearance that we should be attracted to Him.
He was despised and forsaken of men,
A man of sorrows and acquainted with grief;
And like one from whom men hide their face
He was despised, and we did not esteem Him.

Isaiah 53:2-3


And a King.


And God in the flesh.


And Holy.


And divine.

Prophesied about countless times…

And yet… unexpected.

If I’m going to be more like Jesus every day; if he is going to change me little by little, then something I need to want is to live an unexpected life.  Not predicable, planned, organized, or secure.  I have to loosen my grip on the things I hold close, even more than they already are… my status, my finances, my home, my family… knowing that everything is nothing without Jesus.

I’m doing this… every day a little more, some days hold baby steps for me and some days I take bigger steps into my birthright as daughter of a King, and yet, I still struggle with unexpected sometimes.  What if it’s unexpected in a non-glorious-moon way?  What if it feels more like a blindside than a gift?  Is that what Jesus’s arrival felt like?  A blindside?  To the powers of darkness it surely did!  How on earth could they have predicted God Incarnate would be a baby?  Was it a blindside to the people waiting desperately for a Savior, a warrior king?  Most assuredly it was for many.  Is He still blindsiding people today?  Yeah, I think so!  He asks for ALL of us when we give our hearts, not just bits and pieces.  In a world where it is easy to compartmentalize our lives He calls for us to be wholly His.  No compartments left for ourselves.  All or nothing.

Jesus started out unexpected.  From prophecies to birth in stable to utter humility in life to death on a cross.

Unexpected, which makes it perfect.  Because sometimes when we expect things, the power of the Gift is lost.

The unexpectedness of the Gift at Christmas is the beauty of it.

The unexpectedness of the unlikely appearance of the God-Man is the beauty of it.

The unexpectedness of the Cross is the beauty of it.

God doesn’t work like we work.  He doesn’t think like we think.  His ways are higher, his thoughts are higher, and more perfect than we can know, and because we can’t know His thoughts in the way HE knows His thoughts, they seem, well, unexpected to us sometimes.

Tonight the moon and prophecy collided a bit.  I want to be as breathlessly taken with Jesus as I was by the sight of the orange that appeared without warning.  I want to run my race, live my life, and constantly be looking for the next glimpse, knowing that He’s there all along.  I want to be on the hunt for the unexpected, knowing that I might see a glimpse of the One who loves to work in ways I wouldn’t/couldn’t predict.  Jesus is the One who shakes us from complacent and reveals God to us… awakens a great love in us.  Fills dead space with life.

My heart is overwhelmed.



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