girl time!

If there’s something I’m feeling as we get closer and closer to traveling to get Julianne, it’s the need to spend more one-on-one time with my kids.  With the goal of spending at least one “date” with each kid individually before travel, Rachel and I headed to Painting with a Twist last Friday…


She’s a little artist, and loves all forms of creating… so she was super excited to get going with the painting!


I was a little worried that she would be overwhelmed and freak-out if hers didn’t look exactly like the demonstration piece, but she didn’t.  In fact, she enjoyed the fact that from the start, hers looked different.


I loved watching the intensity and focus on her face…


And I loved how she added colors in places that strayed from the directions.

She thrives in an environment where there are directions and boundaries, but also the freedom to explore and create.


We had such a fun time… and when I asked her if she would ever want to do it again, she responded with an enthusiastic, “YES!”. 🙂

Love my sweet, creative, artistic girl, and I love the artwork that we’ll always have to remind us of this time together… just the TWO girls, before we become the THREE girls in a few weeks! Now… what to do with those wild, energetic boys of mine for their one-on-one?!?  I’m guessing something that involves moving around a lot!

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