obviously, I’m a history nerd

1920’s – The Roaring Twenties

A time of economic boom, people living life to the fullest, most completely unaware of what is to come.

1930’s – The Great Depression

The shiny bubble of false security pops.  Devastation.  Loss.  Pain.

1940’s – World War II

Hard.  When is war easy?  Yet at the same time, a time of prosperity, of growth, of economic development.  War-based, but mostly sustainable.

1950’s – Leave it to Beaver

Post-War.  Stable.  We’ve learned our lesson from the 30’s and are living life well, but not in a bubble.


Pre- Adoption – (The Roaring Twenties)

Living the life.  Aware of the bubble, but life outside of the bubble isn’t for us.

Becoming aware. Starting the process. Happy.  Expectant.  Anxious to see her.

The Early Days – (The Great Depression)

This is not what I thought it would be.  This is hard.  This is heartbreaking.  This is requiring more than I have.

Home Again – (World War II)

Life will never be the same.  It’s not easy (when is war ever easy?) but at the same time, there is progress.  There is sustainable change for the good.

The Future – (Leave it to Beaver?)

My hope!  Not that it will be idyllic, but that a “normal” will be reached.  That a “normal” will be appreciated because we remember the hard times.  That we won’t forget the hard places.  We will learn from them.  We will be stronger because of them.

Philippians 4:13 is often stated as a favorite verse.  It’s definitely a good one, and I am learning that it’s absolutely true in all senses (ever tried changing a 4-year old poo diaper on a Chinese airline bathroom during turbulence??).  I CAN do all things (ALL things) through CHRIST who strengthens me.  Not through my own power or will.  Not through my own patience or desire.  Only Jesus.

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