How did this precious little guy hit such a milestone so quickly??



That’s ALL of the fingers + the thumb on a hand.

It’s a big deal.


Happy birthday to you, our little Hurricane Brady.

You light up a room like no one else can.  You’re brave.  And funny.  And LOUD!


You know, you were my baby that broke all the rules.  Not at all like the other two before you.  From the get go, always blazing a new trail.

Let’s try to make the next five years slow down a bit, eh?  So that you can be my baby boy for a little bit longer?


Although I have to admit, I have really enjoyed age four, and I think being five is going to be really great for you.

I love how passionate and excited you are about things you love.  Like your new sister.  She has turned your world upside down and yet I will still find you playing with her.  A kernel of grace in you that loves regardless of circumstances.

View More: are a special person, my little B-Nugget.  You are the one that I thought was our last, and then when I realized that wasn’t going to be the case, your willingness to open your heart helped mine open a bit more, too.

I love you you celebrate yourself, and you celebrate others equally.  Your clear definitions of right and wrong sometimes make me laugh, but I love that about you, too; that you can be both utterly frustrating and utterly hilarious at the exact same time.

I am thankful that you are in our lives.

Happy Birthday to you, my Brady-boy.



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